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Monday, October 9, 2023

Screams of women, broken minarets of mosques and hundreds of deaths… Know how much devastation has been caused so far in the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel declared war after Hamas rocket attacks. Israel PM Netanyahu announced this officially after the high level meeting. War has been declared in Israel after 50 years. People of Israel's Al Daraj area have been warned. Instructions have been given to evacuate the areas near Aziz Mosque.

A destructive war is going on between the Israeli army and Hamas fighters. There is a tremendous attack on each other from both sides. So far, more than 700 people have died in Israel due to attacks by Hamas fighters, while 572 fighters and Palestinian civilians have died due to gunfire and airstrikes on Israeli soil. More than 1800 people have been injured. Hamas had started the war on Saturday and now Israel is launching a major counterattack on Hamas.

In the pictures released on social media, it has been seen that there are heaps of dead bodies on the streets of Israel. The dead bodies are lying scattered. At the same time, Palestine's buildings have been turned into debris due to Israel's air strike. Areas of the area are in ruins, there is nothing but screaming everywhere. Some lost their mother, some lost their father and some lost their entire family. The tears in people's eyes have dried up.

Citizens of both the countries are burning in the fire of war and civilians are losing their lives. The mosque in Gaza's Khan Yunis has been destroyed in an Israeli air strike. Many mosques have been damaged. It is being said that tonight is going to be heavy on Gaza City. People are being appealed to remain confined inside their homes. Do not go out at all. At the same time, Israel is rapidly evacuating its citizens from cities adjacent to Gaza. Cities and towns are being evacuated. Israel has set a target of next 24 hours to evacuate people.

Israel is continuously carrying out air strikes on Gaza Strip. Due to the attacks, fires broke out at many places. Nothing is visible except clouds of smoke in the sky. There is an atmosphere of chaos in the area. People are thinking that a rocket might fall on them. This is why high alert has been issued.

Where is the war continuing?

Gaza City

khan younis









Israel Security Forces Deputy Chief Lt. Masha Michaelson says that he is going through a very difficult period. Yesterday at 6:30 in the morning he had to face a very unimaginable incident. Hamas fighters kidnapped, beat and targeted many common people, children and women. Never before have we seen such cruelty that Israel is going through right now. Perhaps the information received saved Israel.

He says that deploying thousands of soldiers on the South Front or retaliating directly means saving the trapped people from cruelty, many security personnel are busy at the firing points, out of which some points are still active on thirty firing points. , on whom hand-to-hand combat is going on, they are selectively eliminating each terrorist so that they understand that they have made a big mistake by attacking.

Which areas are the Israeli forces evacuating?



Nahal Oz

Native Hasara


Pro-Palestinian countries and organizations are preparing for a major attack on Israel. Iran-backed Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah has made a big plan for this. There has been news of Hezbollah deploying 50 thousand rockets on the Lebanon border. Israel's troubles seem to be increasing. It has become necessary to know what is the strength of Hamas and Hezbollah and what way does Israel have to stop them?

Israel in 'double trap'!

– Hezbollah has more than 1.3 lakh rockets

–Hamas has more than 30 thousand rockets

– Hamas-Hezbollah's capability to fire 4,000 rockets in a day

Israel's capability is not ready to deal with a joint attack .

– Both organizations have direct support from Iran

– Range of rocket 20 to 25 km

– All the soldiers are well trained.

– Expert in hit and run guerrilla warfare

– Gets funding and weapons from Iran

– Equipped with anti-tank missile

– Shoulder Launch Anti-Aircraft Missile

– Hezbollah also has missiles

– 550 underground bunkers and hundreds of tunnels ready

Iron Dome near Israel

– Success rate of Israeli Iron Dome is 90 percent

– Can stop rockets, ballistic missiles, drones, UAVs

– Capable of stopping even fighter planes

– Can deactivate the fired rocket by bringing it down

What could happen if Hezbollah enters the war?

-With the deployment of 50,000 rockets by Hezbollah, Israel will have to fight on two fronts simultaneously.

-Hamas-Hezbollah together can prove to be overwhelming because Israel can become further weak with Iranian support.

– America may have direct entry under pressure. With the entry of US, the scope of the war will increase significantly.

Who is Hezbollah, who attacked Israel?

– is a Lebanese terrorist organization

– is a terrorist organization supported by Iran

– Considered a fundamentalist Shia terrorist organization

– Came into existence after the attack on Lebanon in 1982

– Israel attacked Lebanon in 1982

– Officially established in 1985

– Iran started using against Israel

– Hezbollah terrorists have been attacking Israel

– Hezbollah has equal strength to Hamas

– Britain declared it a terrorist organization in 2019

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