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Monday, October 9, 2023

Powerful countries of the world gave a shock to Israel! America kept watching in UNSC meeting

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting to discuss recent Hamas attacks, drawing condemnation from some countries, but divisions remain among council members. Almost all countries appealed to focus on talks. There was discussion on resuming negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The United Nations Security Council called an emergency meeting regarding Hamas' attack on Israel. America appealed that all 15 members of the Council strongly condemn these attacks. No immediate action was decided during the closed-door meeting. After the meeting, US Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood said that although a large number of countries condemned the Hamas attack, not all council members joined in the condemnation.

Although he did not specifically name the country, he indicated that one of the members did not condemn it outright. Russia's UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzia, clarified that Russia condemned all attacks on civilians and refuted Americans' claims that Russia was not condemning the attacks. Nebenzia stressed the need for an immediate end to the war, a ceasefire and dialogue to resolve the decades-long conflict.

China gave two-state formula in UNSC

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun expressed a similar position, condemning all attacks on civilians and appealing to prevent further casualties. He emphasized on two-state formula. America termed Hamas attacks as 'terrorist attacks'. He appealed to stop violent activities against Israeli citizens.

Asked about resuming talks on a two-state solution to end the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the US official said dealing with violence and hostage-taking is a priority . According to the Chinese Ambassador, the goal of the Security Council is to make its voice heard in maintaining international peace and security.

Palestine appealed for resolution of the issue

The possibility of drafting a statement condemning Hamas and the killing of civilians, as well as the possibility of an end to violence and the resumption of negotiations, cannot be said at this time. Malta's UN ambassador, Vanessa Frazier, who convened the meeting, stressed the condemnation of Hamas.

Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour criticized Israel's blockade of Gaza and its repeated attacks, saying that they have not achieved their goals but have caused suffering to the civilian population. He stressed the need for an immediate end to the violence, bloodshed and blockade and appealed to resolve the matter.

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