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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Online onion auction started in the country's biggest market, bids ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 25

The strike of onion traders in Lasalgaon, the country's largest onion market, has ended. After the end of the strike, online auction of onions has been started. In this auction, onion prices have been kept from Rs 1000 per quintal to Rs 2500 per quintal.

Have you ever bought onion online? The struggle of onion traders has broken after 13 days in Lalasgaon, the country's largest onion market. With this, online auction of onion has started in Nashik district. The starting bid in the auction has been kept from Rs 1000 to Rs 2541 per quintal. In fact, traders had gone on strike to protest against the increase in onion export duty.

Now after about 13 days, onion auction has been started in all the market committees of entire Nashik district. Sources related to the market said that 545 carts reached Lasalgaon APMC, Asia's largest wholesale onion market, on Tuesday morning.

Average price Rs 2100

At the time of the start of this auction, the minimum price of onion was Rs 1,000 per quintal. So the maximum price was Rs 2,541 per quintal and the average was Rs 2,100 per quintal. Earlier, onion traders had gone on strike on 20 September. Now this strike is over. However, the traders in Nandgaon have not called off the strike and the auction there is suspended. Why was there a strike?

Onion traders were protesting against the central government's recent move to increase the export duty on onion by 40 percent. The traders, in a meeting with District Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse here on Monday, decided to call off the strike on the condition that the government would decide on their demands within a month. Lalsgaon of Nashik is called the biggest onion market of the country. Therefore, it is considered important to end the strike of Nashik businessmen. The government is also making continuous efforts to ensure that the prices of onion and other vegetables do not increase much during festivals. Therefore, speculators and stockholders are also being monitored. Recently the prices of tomatoes had skyrocketed. After this onion also started becoming expensive. After which the government had also set up government onion sales at many places to control onion prices.

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