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Monday, October 9, 2023

Not just bookish knowledge, but also military training, know why Israel's education system is better than other countries

According to Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, the population of Israel is around 92 lakhs. Here, in view of the situation of tension with the neighboring countries, it has been made mandatory for women to join military training for 2 years and for men for 3 years in the education system.

More than 700 Israeli citizens are reported to have been killed in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. These days Israel is struggling with the attacks of Hamas. However, Israel is named among the countries with the best education system in the world. Here military training is a part of the education system.

Israel's history, religion, geography, relations with neighbors and army force are discussed all over the world. According to media reports, an Indian delegation visited Israel in the year 2022 to learn Israel's education system. Let us know in detail why Israel's education system is better than other countries.

Special features of Israel Education System

AI Based Education System: Israel has been successfully operating an innovation based education system with the help of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI Based) for a long time. AI training has been a part of the courses in many institutes, colleges, universities and institutes of Israel for a long time.

Military Training is necessary: ​​According to Israel's education system, all students are required to take military training. All students are attached to the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The IDF Training Center is counted as the toughest center in the world. According to media reports, in Israel Sunday is considered the first day of the week and on this day work is done with full enthusiasm like Monday.

Government funded education: Education funding in Israel helps students through various schemes and methods. Work is done to provide financial support to any student to get education. It can also be provided by government and private agencies in individual ways.

Attending school is compulsory: In Israel, attending school is compulsory from ages 6 to 18. Schooling is compulsory. Formal education begins in primary schools from grades 1 to 6. It then continues into intermediate school, which includes grades 7 to 9, and secondary school, which includes grades 10 to 12. Let us tell you that after primary education, 9% of the school population is in boarding schools.

Schools are not just for bookish knowledge: The special thing about Israel's education system is that the schools here do not believe in imparting only bookish knowledge. In the schools here, students are also told about irrigation. To make their mark at the global level, students have to give international tests. For this, knowledge of languages ​​of other countries as well as history and geography are also taught.

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