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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Mini Israel resides in these cities of India, it seems like a gathering of Israelis

A large number of Israeli citizens live in India. There are religious places for Israeli tourists in many parts of the country, where all the Israelis keep coming and going. These days, Israeli citizens want to return to their homeland, but they are facing problems due to flight cancellations.

The war between Israel and Hamas is being discussed all over the world. All countries are keeping an eye on this. In this war, thousands of people from both the countries have died while many people have been seriously injured. In India too, different reactions are emerging regarding this war. Israeli citizens live in many cities of the country.

There is a gathering of Israeli citizens in Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh. But ever since the war started in Israel, all the Israeli citizens present in India are very upset, they want to go back to their country. Many Israelis have returned to their country and many are preparing to leave. In fact, in view of the war, Israel has now fielded reserve soldiers into the battlefield. In such a situation, due to the possibility of common people also joining the army, these people are returning to their country.

There is a gathering of Israelis in Dharamkot of Dharamshala.

Israelis also have a Khabad House in Dharamkot of Dharamshala. Where all the Israelites gather to worship. But now there is silence here. Israeli citizen Roi says that in view of the poor condition of the country, he wants to return to Israel. He told that he too has been ordered by the Israeli government to join the war.

Mini Israel of Delhi

Israeli citizens are staying in many hotels in Paharganj, Delhi. There is Khabad, a religious place of Israelis in Paharganj, outside which security has been increased, the citizens coming here are worried about going back to the country because many airlines have canceled their flights.

Ajmer of Rajasthan is also special

There is Khabad House in Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan, which is considered to be the hideout of Israelis, it is a religious place which has a lot of recognition, like Paharganj, security arrangements have been increased here too these days.

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