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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Milk Tea Side Effects: Milk tea can cause this brain disease

Some people even get headache if they do not get tea. According to new research, tea made from milk increases the risk of depression. Know what research says...

Most people in India do not have a morning without tea. Along with milk tea, bubble tea is quite popular in the country. The addiction to tea is so great that if people do not get it, they even start getting headaches. For this reason it is considered a very popular drink. But do you know that tea can also cause some mental health problems. A research has come out according to which tea can increase dehydration or stress. Let us tell you about it…

Tsinghua University and China's Central University of Finance and Economics conducted a survey. About 5000 students from China were included in this. The survey found that milk tea not only causes addiction but also causes the risk of depression or anxiety.

connection to loneliness

It was also found in this study that one of the reasons for drinking tea with milk is loneliness. Apart from this, sugar added in tea also increases stress or depression. Researchers say that in China or other places, people are using tea as a means to control emotions. Its addiction can harm them as much as social media or drugs. After getting addicted to this type of tea, some symptoms are seen which include craving, inability to give up tea and feeling like drinking tea all the time.

Other problems caused by tea

Experts say that the caffeine present in tea can also cause other health problems. There may be lack of water in the body due to caffeine. In such a situation, you can become a victim of constipation. Not only this, drinking it can also cause problem of insomnia. Stress or depression also increases due to sleeping disorder i.e. insomnia.

stay away from this

To give up the habit of tea, you can start drinking other drinks instead. You can try drinks like lemonade. Apart from this, whenever you have a craving for tea, drink a glass of water. It is not possible to give up tea all at once, but gradually distancing yourself from it can prove to be effective.

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