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Monday, October 16, 2023

Mental Health: Children can also be victims of stress! Take care of mental health like this

If the symptoms of poor mental health are not paid attention to, then in some cases the situation even becomes serious. Apart from youth, this problem is also being seen in children. Know how parents should take care of children's mental health.

Cases of mental health related diseases are being seen in large numbers. However, even today people are not aware about this and avoid talking openly about it. It is very important to immediately pay attention to any symptoms related to stress, loneliness, mood changes, mental health, because it is a very serious problem. Apart from the youth, the problem of poor mental health is also increasing among children between 14 and 18 years of age. Many changes are taking place in children during teenage age and during this time they get to experience many new things. Because of which they sometimes face great difficulties. Therefore, symptoms related to poor mental health in teenagers should not be ignored.

Nowadays, in most of the houses both husband and wife are working and due to this, many times children do not get a chance to tell their problems to their parents or they do not have such a good understanding that they can share their problems openly. Because of this, children can also become victims of stress. If changes are seen in the behavior of children, immediate attention should be paid so that the solution to the problem can be found in time. Do you know how to take care of children's mental health?

Mental health can improve even without counseling and medicine!

Experts say that it is very important to take out time to talk to children. Make them believe that whatever the situation, you are with them. Sit with children and listen carefully to their problems and solve them, because there are some mental problems which can be cured without counseling and even without medicines.

work with patience

If your child is struggling with poor mental health, then many changes can be seen in his mood, such as irritability, living alone, not going to school, not being interested in studies. In such a situation, instead of getting angry at the child, try to explain it lovingly. Your anger can have an even worse impact on the child's mental health.

outdoor games

Nowadays, everyone from adults to children spend a long part of their day using their phones. Due to which the sleep pattern is also affected which is not good for mental health. Encourage children to play outdoor games in daily routine. This will not only keep him physically fit but his mental health will also remain good.

yoga or exercise

For good mental health, it is very important to inculcate healthy habits in children since childhood. Some easy yoga asanas can be taught to children. Apart from this, you can make them do physical activities like cycling, swimming, running.

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