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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Iran and Saudi Arabia join hands against Israel, decide to save Palestinians

A new turn is about to come in the Israel-Hamas war. Saudi and Iran have joined hands. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has spoken to Iranian Prime Minister Ibrahim Raisi. Both the leaders have decided to save Palestinians from Israel's war crimes. It is clear from this that now dreadful conflicts can be seen in the Middle East.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have joined hands against Israel's attacks. The President of Iran and the Saudi Crown Prince have spoken on the telephone. Have decided to work together to save Palestinians from Israel's war crimes. The two leaders have spoken for the first time after relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran improved.

Iranian media reported that Raisi and the Saudi Crown Prince “discussed the need to end war crimes against Palestine.” Saudi media has also covered this historic phone call. Saudi Arabia has been in contact with regional leaders since the start of the Israel-Hamas war. The conversation between the Crown Prince and Ibrahim Raisi is historic in itself. Prince Mohammed also reiterated Saudi Arabia's rejection of targeting civilians in any form.

Saudi-Iran enmity had a bad impact on the Middle East

Saudi Arabia and Iran have come together with the mediation of China after seven years of enmity. The rivalry between Iran and Saudi had created instability and insecurity in the Gulf. The rivalry between these two countries had thrown the Middle East into a new war from Yemen to Syria. Asked about Raisi's call with the crown prince, a senior US State Department official said Washington, which is openly supporting Israel in its fight against Hamas, was in constant touch with the Saudi regime.

Now Saudi-Iran will come together to save Palestine

The US is calling on its allies with ties to Gaza's Hamas, Lebanon's Hezbollah or Iran to "restrain Hamas from its attacks, release hostages, keep Hezbollah out (and) keep Iran out of the fighting." Was. The coming together of Saudi and Iran can prove to be a big headache for America. If two enemy countries come together and help Palestine, it can give a new turn to the war. Due to the coming together of Iran and Saudi, there is a danger of a second war in the Middle East.

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