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Sunday, October 15, 2023

If you want to survive in Israel then you need this app in your phone, you will get alert of missile attack immediately.

Israel Missile Alert: It is not known when and where a missile attack will happen in Israel, so people here use a missile alert app. The Red Alert app available on Google Play Store and Apple Store tells where a missile attack is going to happen, so that people can move to safe places in time.

The war between Israel and Hamas has reached a dire stage. The Israeli army has entered the Gaza Strip and intensified its attacks on Hamas. During this period many people lost their lives. Hamas is also not ready to retreat, and is continuously attacking different cities of Israel. Several thousand people on both sides have been killed, and several lakhs of people in Gaza have been rendered homeless. Talking about Israel, here sirens start ringing as soon as there is a threat of missile attack. For this, mobile apps are also useful in saving the lives of the people here.

Israel is surrounded by enemies on many fronts. Talking about the latest situation, this country is not only fighting with Hamas, there is also a threat from Hezbollah from Lebanon. This Lebanese extremist organization is also attacking with rockets from time to time. To avoid such threats, Israelis use mobile apps extensively. It is not wrong to say that people in Israel depend on sirens and apps to survive.

Arrangements to avoid rocket attacks

Israel has developed a siren system throughout the country. Apart from this, shelter homes have been built at various places across the country. Safe rooms are made even in ordinary houses. Whenever there is a threat of rocket attack, sirens start ringing, and people immediately go to shelters and take shelter. In this way the struggle to keep oneself alive continues.

Red Alert App: Rocket attack alert

People in the Jewish country also use an app called Red Alert. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. When there is a suspicion of a rocket attack, an alert notification is immediately sent to the people. It tells according to the city and location where in Israel the rocket attack is going to happen.

Red Alert : Israel App (Credit: Apple App Store)

Rocket Alert Apps: Features of the app

Seeing the notification, people understand and reach safe places in time. Many such apps are used in Israel. On some apps, users can also chat and post updates. Apart from this, you can also inform your family friends about your well-being. Contacts are linked to the app, so you can tell your location to family and friends.

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