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Sunday, October 15, 2023

PVR INOX Passport: Watch the movie for just Rs 70, you will regret if you miss this offer

PVR Offers: If you are also fond of going to the theater and watching movies, then PVR INOX Passport has been launched for you. Today we will give you information about how you will benefit by purchasing this passport. With the help of this passport you will be able to save money on movie tickets.

After National Cinema Day, PVR INOX has now come out with a great offer for movie lovers. Like OTT subscription, now movie lovers will be able to buy movie subscription, PVR INOX Passport has been launched and there are two purposes of bringing this passport. The first objective is to promote the film industry and the second objective is to motivate more and more film lovers to visit movie theatres.

Monthly subscription pass will be available to the people from 16th October, by purchasing this pass you will be in great luck because you will get expensive movie tickets at a very low price.

PVR Passport Price: How much does the passport cost?

The monthly price of this passport of PVR has been fixed at Rs 699, by paying Rs 699 you will be able to watch 10 movies. But one thing to be noted here is that you will be able to avail the benefit of this offer only from Monday to Thursday and with this pass you will not get the benefit of premium things like Gold, IMAX, Director's Cut and luxe.

10 movies for Rs 699 means that one movie will cost you only Rs 69.99 (approximately Rs 70). According to the company, you will have to purchase the subscription of PVR INOX Passport for at least three months, the subscription can be purchased from the company's app and website.

The company said, Passport is a non-transferable subscription which can be used only by one person. Explain in simple language, if you are buying a subscription then no other person will be able to take advantage of your passport. You will have to show government ID proof at the time of entry into the theatre. Let us tell you that some time ago PVR had reduced the prices of food items by 40 percent.

To avail this offer, you will have to apply the passport coupon on the payment page. After taking the passport, if you book more than one ticket, one ticket will be redeemed from the passport coupon and you will have to pay for the rest.

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