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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Don't be too fond of eating pickles to make you sick, be careful in time.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has reached the universities of India. Student organizations of Delhi-based JNU and Jamia University have supported Palestine. Posters have also been released on social media in support of this. Let us tell you that conflict is going on between the two countries since last Saturday.

The issue of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine has reached educational institutions. Jawaharlal Nehru University's student organization AISA, JNUSU and Jamia's NSUI and SSC student organizations have supported Palestine. Posters have been released on social media regarding this. Last Saturday, after continuous 5000 rocket attacks on Israel by Palestinian Hamas, Israel declared war and now the war is going on.

AISA's Balaji says that this is not a religious fight. This is a fight for freedom. He said that this fight is against imperialism. For the last 40 years, Israel has been killing women, children and elderly people in Palestine. India and the big and powerful countries of the world should find a solution to this war between Palestine and Israel and save humanity.Pickle Sideeffects: If you are also fond of eating pickles, then do not let it become a habit. A lot of salt and oil present in pickles can be very dangerous for your body.

Pickle's Side Effects:  It is said that taste is a big thing and this is the taste that people get by eating pickle. No matter how the food is prepared, if it is accompanied by a slice of pickle, its taste doubles. Some people are very fond of eating pickles. Many people also like sweet and sour pickles. But do you know that eating pickles more than the limit can also pose a threat to health. Yes, health experts say that if pickles soaked in oil are eaten in excess, it can make your body home to many diseases. Let us know what are the disadvantages of eating more pickles (pickle effects). 

There is deficiency of nutrients in the body

Health experts say that when pickles are made, they are cut and dried in the sun for a long time and this is the reason why there is complete lack of water in them. Due to drying in the sun for a long time, the nutrients of the pickles are lost and this is why If we eat too much pickle, our body also becomes deficient in nutrients. 

Salt present in pickles can be dangerous

To make the pickle spicy, a lot of salt is added to it. This salt increases the level of sodium in the body which proves to be risky for the body. Let us tell you that if too much sodium enters the body then the problem of high BP arises. Therefore, especially those people who have high blood pressure should not consume pickles. 

It also has a bad effect on the kidneys

Eating too many pickles can also have a bad effect on your kidneys. Due to the abundance of sodium present in pickles, there is a risk of water retention, swelling in the stomach as well as excessive burden on the kidneys. Due to excessive consumption of pickles, the kidneys are not able to do their work properly and the kidneys start becoming weak. Not only this, due to the presence of excess salt, pickles reduce the absorption of calcium in the body due to which bones and joints become weak. 

Pickles increase cholesterol level 

To keep the pickle longer, a lot of oil is added to it. Let us tell you that the trans fat found in pickle oil increases the cholesterol level in the body. Due to this, the amount of LDL which makes the body fat increases. If there is more bad cholesterol in the body then the risk of heart diseases also increases.

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