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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Does anyone buy old manhole covers? The public became desperate to take it here

If old manhole covers covering gutters on the roads were ready for sale, would you like to buy them? Now you will say that this is also something to buy. But there is a country where people's desires blossom when they hear about its sale. In 2017, a huge crowd had gathered here to buy.

You must have seen manholes built on the roads. These are covered with circular iron lids. If you were told that old manhole covers were going to be sold, would you be interested in purchasing them? Now you will ask whether anyone even buys manhole covers. For other countries of the world, it is just an iron cover, but in Japan these lids have special significance. In almost all states of Japan, this cover is a symbol of regional pride and wonderful pieces of art. This is the reason why when a city here announced the sale of manhole covers, people became desperate to buy them.

Manhole covers are very popular among Japanese collectors of antiques. Not only this, this iron cover is also a good source of income for Japanese cities. Seeing the unprecedented love of the Japanese for this iron lid, now Kyoto city of Japan has also announced its sale.

Three manhole covers ready for sale

According to media reports, this will be the first time that Kyoto is going to offer for sale to the public three manhole covers made in 1978, 81 and 90. The starting price of manhole cover has been fixed by the Kyoto administration at 5500 yen (i.e. Rs 3,067.78). The weight of these covers ranges from 80 to 90 kg, while they are 66 cm wide.

People were desperate to buy

You will be surprised to know that in the year 2017, when Mayabashi city had offered 10 manhole covers for sale, there was a queue of people to buy them. The interesting thing is that people from other cities were also included among the buyers. According to the Kyoto City Water Supply and Sewerage Bureau, there are approximately 1.6 lakh manholes in the city. The life of manhole covers made on the road is 15 years, while the life of the covers made on the footpath is 30 years.

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