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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Badruddin Ajmal angry at Muslims, calls him number 1 in 'theft-robbery-rape'

All India United Front (AIUDF) Chief Badruddin Ajmal has given a statement against Muslims. 
He said that Muslims are number one in committing crimes like theft, dacoity, rape and robbery and going to jail. People of the Muslim community have expressed displeasure over this statement of Badruddin. Despite opposition to his statement, Badruddin is sticking to it. He said that there is nothing wrong in the statement I have given.

Commenting on Muslims, AIUDF Chief said that the reason for Muslims being more involved in crime rate is the lack of education. Badruddin Ajmal is a perfume businessman and the chief of AIUDF. He is quite popular among the Muslims living in Assam. He also has a good hold on politics. At present, AIUDF has 15 MLAs in the 126-seat Assam Assembly.

lack of education among muslims

Speaking at an alumni meet in Goalpara district of Assam, he said that he has seen lack of education among Muslims across the country. He expressed regret over the emphasis on education and lack of awareness about it in the community. Badruddin said that education is very important for the youth but our children are not able to complete their education. This is the reason why crime rates are increasing.

He also made important comments regarding the safety of girls. Badruddin said that boys should have good thoughts for girls. Let us tell those who get excited at the sight of a woman that these behaviors are not considered good in Islam. They should think the same way for others as they think for the women living in their house.

The government is blamed

According to Ajmal, the main reason for hindering the development of Muslims is the low literacy rate. But the entire blame for this is given to the government. When the government asks for doctors or engineers from our minority area, we cannot give them anything but the community blames the government for their lack of education.

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