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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Did Pakistan lose because of bad umpiring? Babar Azam's statement ended the entire debate

Another match, another defeat. 
Changing place. Opponents are changing. But the result of the match is not changing for Pakistan on the pitch of ICC ODI World Cup. He is exactly the same in the last 4 matches. Pakistan also lost against South Africa. He had to face defeat by 1 wicket. However, there has been an uproar over his defeat. The uproar is due to poor umpiring in the match, which is also being linked to Pakistan's defeat. Not only India but also cricket legends sitting in Pakistan were seen raising this issue loudly. However, what Babar Azam has said amid the uproar over poor umpiring has put an end to the entire uproar.

After the statement of Pakistan captain, now no one raises questions on bad umpiring. If he targets ICC and BCCI then it will be the same thing that Abdullah is crazy about someone else's marriage. This means that when Pakistan captain Babar Azam , who is playing in the match and has suffered the brunt of defeat , has no objection to it, then why do others? Now the important thing is what Babar Azam said, due to which the issue of bad umpiring cooled down even before it could heat up. So, before giving Babar's statement, it is important to consider the entire incident of bad umpiring and some of the major reactions to it.

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Incident in the 46th over of South Africa's innings

In fact, examples of poor umpiring were seen 3 to 4 times in the entire match. But, after which it gained momentum, it was seen in the 46th over of South Africa's innings. Tabrez Shamsi was on strike and Haris Rauf was on bowling. At first the surprise was that the umpire gave wide to the 5th ball of the over. But, chaos broke out when the umpire did not give Shamsi out LBW on the last ball of the same over. Pakistan took DRS, in which the issue got stuck on umpire's call. Just after this the debate broke out. The reason for the debate was also because it was a very important moment of the match. If Pakistan had got that last wicket of South Africa, it would have won the match. But this could not happen.

Umpire's call should be abolished- Misbah-ul-Haq

Now when this did not happen, questions started being raised. Sitting in a sports show in Pakistan, veteran cricketers like Wasim Akram and Misbah-ul-Haq started exposing the poor umpiring in the match. Misbah said that umpire's call is becoming a big issue, ICC needs to pay attention to it. He said that according to him the thing like umpire's call should be abolished.

Pakistan lost due to bad umpiring- Harbhajan

Pakistan's greats also got the support of Indian cricket legend Harbhajan Singh on the issue of poor umpiring. Bhajji directly wrote on social media that Pakistan has had to suffer the consequences of poor umpiring. ICC should pay attention to this. He said that it was clearly visible in the replays that Rauf's ball was hitting Shamsi's wicket. Now if that is the case then he was clear out. And then there is no question whether the umpire has given out or not.

Smith asked Bhajji a question?

Let us tell you that this was not the first incident of bad umpiring in the match. Earlier, South African batsman Rassie van der Dussen was not out, but he was given out. Referring to this, former South African captain Graeme Smith asked Bhajji whether he would say the same for Rasi, what he is feeling for Pakistan?

Babar Azam calmed the burning issue with his statement

However, a lot of things are being raised regarding bad umpiring. Some cricketers are also face to face. Meanwhile, Babar Azam has also said something on this issue. Babar said that if the decision had been of out, the match could have been in our favor. We would have had a chance to win this match and remain in the tournament. But, DRS or umpire's call is a part of the game and we should accept it. It is clear that Babar knows very well that there is no point in further wrangling or raising questions about what has happened.

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