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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Women Health: These tests must be done in the first three months of pregnancy

The initial trimester of pregnancy is considered a very delicate time. During this period, along with taking care of food and drink, there are some tests which must be done so that the unborn child can be protected from the risk of any disease.

During pregnancy, special care has to be taken about many things, from food to daily routine, but the first three months are considered very delicate. During this period, there is a need to be more careful, from regular checkups to eating and drinking. During the first three months of pregnancy, doctors recommend getting some tests done so that the child born to the mother does not suffer from any kind of disease. Besides, through these tests it is also ascertained whether the fetus growing in the womb is healthy or not. In this, doctors advise various types of blood tests to ultrasound.

The nine months of pregnancy are divided into three parts. The first three months are considered very important because carelessness in this phase can increase the risk of miscarriage. Through tests conducted in the first three months, it is ascertained whether there is any critical medical condition during pregnancy or not, so that the future risks can be reduced in time. So let us know which tests are necessary to be done in the initial trimester of pregnancy.

Get this blood test done

According to Dr. Chanchal Sharma, a gynecologist in Delhi, in the first three months of pregnancy, tests like hemoglobin level, blood sugar, hepatitis B, HIV, thyroid etc. should be done, because if the mother has any disease, it can be detected in time. The child can be protected from the risk of this disease. HIV, Hepatitis B and diabetes are diseases that can be transmitted from the womb to the child. At the same time, deficiency of hemoglobin increases the risk of anemia during pregnancy.

Usg scanning

During pregnancy, it is very important to get scanning or ultrasound done in every trimester. According to experts, examination ultrasound is done in the first trimester. Through this test, the size, number and exact duration of pregnancy i.e. gestational age of the fetus is determined. In this ultrasound, apart from genetic screening, abnormalities of the uterus are also examined.

How many times should ultrasound be done throughout pregnancy?

Generally, six ultrasound screenings are recommended over a period of nine months, but one scan should be done every three months. At present, no fixed number of times for getting ultrasound scanning done during the pregnancy phase has been fixed. In some critical cases, doctors recommend getting tested every week or even after 15 days.

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