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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

What was Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar, to which the Indian Army gave a befitting reply?

The Indian Army had given a befitting reply to Pakistan's Operation Gibraltar. During this operation, the people of Kashmir have played an important role. This is an important event in military history of infiltration, ground capture and exchange of fire between soldiers.

Operation Gibraltar was an intelligence mission of Pakistan which later became the main reason for the Indo-Pak war in 1965, in which the Indian Army soldiers not only managed to drive away the Pakistani Army soldiers like sheep but also penetrated into Lahore. Went. India had a massive victory in that war and Pakistan suffered defeat. Therefore, Operation Gibraltar is less discussed, but it is an important event in military history.

This was a secret operation of Pakistan, hence neither the date of its beginning nor its end is fixed exactly. Yes, formally the Indo-Pak war of 1965 happened because of this operation in which the Pakistani Army had to face a crushing defeat. If India had not returned the land won by Pakistan following the Tashkent Agreement, then half of Pakistan would have been a part of India at this time and perhaps then they would have left Kashmir and were fighting for their part of Pakistan.

Where did Operation Gibraltar start?

It is said that the Pakistani Army got inspiration for Operation Gibraltar from the Arab Army. When the Arab army moved towards Europe with the intention of conquering it, its first stop was Gibraltar, a small island located near Spain. The Arab army advanced from here and registered victory over Spain. Inspired by this, the Pakistani Army made the mistake of considering Kashmir as Gibraltar and the whole of India as Spain. The result is in front of everyone.

Well, Pakistan planned Operation Gibraltar around the year 1950. Since this was not a plan for a direct war, in the first phase around a few thousand Pakistani soldiers in plain clothes were sent to Kashmir, who were able to speak languages ​​like Punjabi, Kashmiri etc. They came and started living in settlements.

Friendship with the local people and instigating against India were his main pastimes. For this, recourse was taken to the disappearance of Prophet Mohammad's hair in Hazrat Dargah. Anger was spread among the people of Kashmir regarding this. Pakistan had trained about 40 thousand soldiers for this operation. In the first phase, the plan was to conquer Kashmir and then the whole of India with the help of Kashmiris.

People of Kashmir helped

For this, Pakistani Army did a lot of work at the ground level. An intelligence network was laid. Marked infiltration points. After several years of efforts, when the Pakistani rulers realized that the Kashmiri people were now standing against India, they started sending trained soldiers in small groups with the intention of launching a major attack. Suddenly seeing the increasing number of Pakistani soldiers, the people of Kashmir started informing the Indian Army about it. The army became alert. When the public was with them, they started getting information from moment to moment.

The intention of Pakistani soldiers was to establish their bases in the high altitude areas like Pirpanjal, Uri, Gulmarg, Baramulla etc., which the Indian Army kept shattering. The force engaged in this work was also named the Gibraltar Secret Force. The campaign for the preparations was named Operation Nusrat. Indian Para Commandos were deployed to deal with them. Air Force engaged in helping the commandos. A large number of Pakistani soldiers were captured. Then the Pakistani army started firing with cannons.

As India has decided that it will not attack anyone on its own but will not hold back in giving a befitting reply to the attacker, it did the same. Pakistani army had to face defeat. In 1965, the formal war began in April and ended in September after the intervention of the United Nations. In just these five-six months, Pakistan and the Pakistani Army had to suffer huge losses. The whole of Pakistan was once again standing on the verge of destruction. Ultimately, Pakistan had to face a crushing defeat in this war.

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