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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

What is the connection between heat and pregnancy, problems arise in delivery due to heat, know how

During pregnancy, a woman generally feels more hot than other women. But a study has said that the effect of extremely hot weather has a negative impact on the delivery of any woman.

Heat Exposure In Pregnancy:  Pregnancy period is a special occasion for every mother which she remembers throughout her life. But the weather also affects this pregnancy period. Yes, a recent study has said that if a woman faces excessive heat during her pregnancy period, she may face a lot of problems in delivery. It has been said in this study that due to excessive heat during pregnancy period, the possibility of life-threatening problems at the time of delivery increases. This research, recently published in the American Medical Association, states that excess heat, high temperatures and heat waves during pregnancy period affect the body of a pregnant woman. 

Why do pregnant women feel more hot?  

Let us tell you that generally a mother feels very hot during pregnancy period. Actually, during this period, the amount of blood in a woman's body increases due to which the blood vessels expand and come to the surface, due to which the body starts feeling more hot. During this time, the hormone called estrogen keeps increasing and decreasing in the body and this becomes the reason for producing excess heat in the body. After the third trimester, due to increase in the rate of metabolism, the mother-to-be starts feeling overheated. That is, generally a pregnant woman feels very hot and in such a situation, if the weather is very hot and there is a lot of heat, then it has a direct impact on the time of delivery. 

These dangers can occur at the time of delivery  

Due to excessive heat exposure during pregnancy period, women may face risk of cardiac arrest, eclampsia, heart failure, sepsis and ventilation at the time of delivery. Some of these risks can prove fatal. There may also be problems with blood transfusion at the time of delivery in very hot weather. Researchers say that especially in the third trimester, if there is excessive heat, the rate of problems in delivery can increase by 24 percent. Not only this, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth increases when exposed to excessive heat.

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