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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Vijay Deverakonda brought a powerful gift for the fans in the happiness of 'Kushi', will distribute one crore rupees.

Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha Ruth Prabhu's film 'Kushi' has got tremendous success at the box office. Meanwhile, Vijay has made an announcement. He is going to distribute one crore rupees. He told about this at an event in Visakhapatnam

Famous actor of South Indian cinema Vijay Deverakonda has promised to give an interesting gift to the fans on the success of his film 'Kushi'. He has announced to donate Rs 1 crore from his earnings to his fans. Popular actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is seen with Vijay in this film.

The film Kushi, released on September 1, is getting a lot of love from the people. This film is making a lot of noise in the theatres. According to the report, this film has earned Rs 70 crore so far. Vijay Deverakonda says that even after negative reviews were spread against the film, people have loved his film.

announced during promotion

Vijay went to an event in Visakhapatnam on Monday to promote the film. At the same time, he announced to his fans that he would give Rs 1 crore to 100 families from the earnings of the film Kushi. That is, every family will get one lakh rupees. Vijay has promised that this money will be given from his personal account and this process will be completed in about 10 days. Everyone shares happiness, but people liked Vijay's way of sharing the income very much.

What did Vijay say?

At the event, Vijay said, “I am thinking of something and I do not know whether I can complete it or not. But, if I do not do this then I will not be able to sleep peacefully. To spread happiness with you people, I will give Rs 1 lakh to 100 families from my 'Kushi' earnings. I will select 100 needy families and give a check of Rs 1 lakh to each of them in the next 10 days. My success, my happiness and my earnings should be shared with all of you.

He further said, “I will share a form tomorrow on my social media page. I still haven't come up with any plans. I will name the form 'Spreading Kushi' or 'Devera Family' and send it. If this money helps people, to pay their rent or fees or whatever, then I will be happy. We will celebrate the success of 'Kushi' in Hyderabad in the next 10 days. Before that, I will try to complete it and help 100 families. “After completing this, I will be able to truly enjoy success.” Let us tell you, this is not the first time that Vijay has done this for his fans. Even before this, he had sent 100 of his fans on a trip to Manali at his own expense.

About the movie Kushi

This film has been directed by Shiv Nirvana. The film follows the lines of romantic-comedy. It was released in many languages ​​on 1 September. Despite mixed reviews, the film has earned well at the box office.

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