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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Try these foods in Goa, actress Sameera also has her favourites.

Favorite tourist destination of the youth, Goa is also famous for its street foods. Actress Sameera Reddy herself has been seen giving proof of this. The actress has told which street foods you can taste in Goa.

Most of those who are fond of traveling or traveling are also fond of food and drink. After reaching some place, it is a different thing to taste the street food ie local food there. Mumbai's Vada Pav, Delhi's chhote-bhature and Indore's poha… there are many such street foods that tourists do not return without tasting. Not only common people but even stars are included in this list. Actress Shamira Reddy indulged in some street foods during her trip to Goa. The actress shared the video and told that a trip to Goa can remain incomplete without trying which street foods. Let us tell you…

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Goa is such a location which is liked in India not only for beach vacation but also for fun. This is the perfect destination for the youth for night parties, cool outfits or other things. Foodies coming here also enjoy the trip a lot. Know about the most favorite and popular street foods here…

Rose Omelette

Actress Shameer Reddy tried a dish which is called Rose Omelette in Goa. This omelet is served with flavored chicken or mutton gravy, onion, lemon and village pav.

Cutlet Bread

The second food in the actress' list is Gaon Cutlet Bread, which is flavored with rava-fried meat pieces, vegetables and hot sauces. In Goa, locals and tourists eat this street food with great enthusiasm.

Bhaji Pav

This is the most popular street food of Goa which is liked here as breakfast and evening snacks. It is served with pea gravy, dry potato curry and hot pav.

Chicken Cafrial

One of Goa's favorite street foods is Chicken Cafrial, which is prepared with green chillies, onions, ginger-garlic, spices, lemon juice and vinegar. The main ingredients are chicken legs which are fried and prepared in the best way. It is also a different pleasure to eat it with pav.

How to reach Goa

If you are taking a flight from Delhi or another state then you will have to land at Goa International Airport. Those going from Delhi to Goa will have to take trains from Nizamuddin Railway Station to Goa Station Margo and Vasco-da-Gama Railway Station. After landing here, you can easily get a taxi or local vehicle to travel around Goa.

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