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Friday, September 8, 2023

Thyroid: Do not ignore these symptoms of thyroid, they can become the cause of cancer

Thyroid Tumour: Cases of thyroid disease are increasing in women. Thyroid disease can also take the form of cancer. If there is constant pain, swelling and lump in the throat, then these can be symptoms of thyroid cancer. In this situation, a doctor should be examined.

The cases of thyroid disease are increasing every year in the world as well as in India. Tumor problems can also occur due to thyroid. Which is fatal. To prevent this, timely treatment is required. Some patients of thyroid get swelling in the throat and neck areas. Which takes the form of a tumor. This tumor can also cause cancer. Which is called thyroid cancer. Surgery is done to treat thyroid cancer. For this thyroid gland surgery hemi-thyroidectomy is done. In hemi-thyroidectomy, half of the thyroid gland containing the tumor is removed. Whereas, in total thyroidectomy, only the entire thyroid gland is removed.

Dr. Akshat Malik, Head and Neck Cancer Surgeon at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket, explains that in thyroidectomy, the thyroid gland is removed by making an incision in the neck. At the same time, scarless thyroidectomy surgery is a process in which there is no scar on the neck. For this, doctors also resort to robotic surgery. With robotic surgery, the operation is done in a better way. This causes less blood loss. In this surgery, it is easy to save the vocal cord. The recovery of the patient is also fast. These surgeries are performed by trained head surgeons. Surgeons use a surgical robot for this. In this surgery the patient's recovery is quick.

What is thyroid cancer?

If the cells in the thyroid gland start growing faster than normal, then it is the beginning of cancer. In this, tumor starts developing around the thyroid gland. Thyroid cancer cases have increased rapidly in the last decade in women. Bad eating habits. Due to excessive consumption of alcohol and lack of iodine in food, this disease is increasing rapidly.

In the beginning, the symptoms of this disease are not easily detected. This is the reason that most of the cases of this disease come in the last stage only. Thyroid function tests and biopsy are done to identify thyroid cancer. Apart from this, there are many tests also. It depends on the condition of the patient.

These are the symptoms of thyroid cancer

lump around neck

change in voice

trouble swallowing

persistent cough

Throat pain

swelling in throat

these are the reasons

family history

iodine deficiency

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