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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Those five occasions when Kareena Kapoor Khan challenged the world to break stereotypes

It has been a long time since Kareena Kapoor entered the Bollywood industry. The actress has been the heartthrob of young hearts for two decades. Everyone lovingly calls her Bebo. Kareena Kapoor inherited the world of acting and entertainment. He is part of the biggest family of the Hindi film industry. The actress is celebrating her 43rd birthday.

Kapoor family's favorite and Bollywood's Bebo Kareena Kapoor Khan has turned 43 years old. The actress has been in the industry for two decades and in these two years, Kareena Kapoor Khan has impressed everyone with her talent. After coming into the industry, Kareena not only acted but also broke many stereotypes. Let us celebrate the actress's birthday in a special way and tell us about the stereotypes that Kareena Kapoor broke and made headlines.

Worked during pregnancy - For the actresses of earlier times, working during pregnancy was no less than the fulfillment of a fantasy. Even in earlier times, an actress's career was considered to end after marriage. But with increasing time, life changed. Kareena Kapoor shot during her pregnancy phase and set an ideal. After him, Neha Dhupia also did the same and praised him too.

Walked the ramp with her baby bump - The actress won a lot of applause when she was seen walking the ramp flaunting her baby bump. The actress has become a mother twice but her fitness is such that she still looks young.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

The first actress with zero figure - There has never been an actress in Bollywood who was very thin and was appreciated a lot. But Bebo, please don't do it. He worked on his fitness and diet and maintained zero figure. She was the first Bollywood actress to be seen in zero figure. After her, many actresses took this trend forward but it was Kareena who started it without any hesitation.

One of the first actresses to demand equal pay - Today actresses like Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone talk about pay scale. She raises the issue of equal pay on many occasions. But do you know that before these two actresses, Kareena Kapoor was the Bollywood actress who had talked about equal pay and raised this demand. At that time people had talked about various things but today Kareena's efforts are paying off and what's more, there are many actresses who charge more than the heroes today.

Normalizing herself with age issue with full confidence – another special thing about Kareena is said by her fans. According to fans, the actress is fashionable but despite this she gives a lot of importance to simplicity. She never shies away from normalizing herself with increasing age. If she has wrinkles on her face then she becomes comfortable with them and comes in front of the camera. Bebo's honesty about herself is special and it makes her more alive.

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