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Thursday, September 21, 2023

The peer said to the girl – One day your kite will also fly high, she went on to become Noorjahan.

Lata Mangeshkar is considered the greatest singer of Bollywood. She was one of the early singers. But even before he entered the industry, there were many singers who immortalized the centuries with the magic of their voice. Noorjahan was one such singer. Which is also fondly called Mallika-e-Tarannum.

Noorjahan is a name in the music world which is taken with great love and respect. With love because Noorjahan sang many romantic songs in her career. And respect because his position in the music world is very big. Noorjahan was born on September 21, 1926 in Kasur, Pakistan. Noorjahan was associated with singing from a very young age and she had made her presence felt in music since the age of 6.

His father also recognized his talent and sent him to Ustad Ghulam Mohammad for music training. Noorjahan started singing training from the age of 11. During this period he learned Thumri, Khayal and Dhrupad. But he started singing on stage at the age of 9. She had become popular since childhood and had her own unique style of singing.

When what the peer said came true

Noorjahan used to participate in many concerts in her childhood. Once, in honor of a Pir, his devotees organized a devotional music. Noor also performed in front of Peer in this program. If reports are to be believed, Peer requested Noorjahan to sing a Punjabi song. In such a situation, Noorjahan's kite will touch the sky of the land of these five rivers. The peer was greatly impressed by Noorjahan's voice and blessed him by saying - Girl, your kite will also touch the sky one day. His words proved to be true and the notes of Mallika-e-Tarannum touched the sky.

Not only singing but also acting

One special thing about Noorjahan was that not only her voice but also her personality was quite attractive. She was beautiful and also sang beautifully. He also got offers to work in many films and he acted in many films. In the year 1942, he played the lead role in Pran Saheb's film Khandaan. After this, she was a part of films like Naukar, Zeenat, Badi Maa, Gaon Ki Gori, Hamjoli, Anmol Ghadi, Ghalib, Intezaar and Dupatta and was seen acting. Talking about his popular songs, it includes songs like Jo Na Mil Sake Us Bewafa, Awaaz De Kahan Hai, Jawan Hai Mohabbat Haseen, Sayoni Mere Dil Da Jaani and Ye Ghar Mera Gulshan Hai.

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