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Friday, September 15, 2023

This is the sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, she is dangerous like her brother; openly threatens the US

Very few people know about the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Her name is Kim Yo Jong. He is as dangerous as his brother. This brother-sister duo is infamous for their destructive intentions. Kim Yo Jong is on a tour of Russia with her brother.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong is also accompanying him on his visit to Russia. This brother-sister duo is infamous in the world for their destructive intentions. Kim Yo Jong also accompanied Kim during his visit to the Angara Space Rocket Complex. Kim wrote his message in the visitors' book here. While he was writing the message, his sister Kim Yo-jong was also seen with him. Kim's sister is considered very powerful in the North Korean regime. In the same month of April, he had warned of destruction on the nuclear deal between America and South Korea.

The world knows Kim Yo Jong as the only sister of Kim Jong Un. Like Kim Yo Jong Sae, she always stays with her brother. Even before his visit to Russia, when Kim met former US President Trump, Kim Yo Jong was seen with him.

The world knows Kim Jong's love for missiles. However, Kim's sister is no less dangerous. She openly threatens America and western countries with war. When America made an agreement to deploy nuclear weapons in South Korea against the threat of North Korea, Kim Yo Jong gave a strong response.

Kim Yo Jong has warned that the situation could take a more dangerous turn due to the agreement between America and South Korea. Referring to this agreement, Kim Yo-jong said that the more the enemy will proceed with nuclear war and the more nuclear weapons it will deploy in the Korean Peninsula. We will use our right to retaliate with as much force as we can.

It is claimed that Kim takes every decision with the advice of his sister. Even his clothes are decided by his sister. In such a situation, Kim Yo Jong's presence in Russia with Kim Jong is no less than a threat to America and Western countries.

Announcement to fight war together against NATO for 100 years

Kim and Putin have announced to fight a war against NATO together for 100 years. With this announcement, preparations for a nuclear attack on America and NATO have also begun. Putin and Kim are carrying out a war parade from the Arctic to the Pacific Ocean. NATO has also become high alert due to the plans of Russia and North Korea. NATO has also started preparing for the great war.

A lot of gunpowder has accumulated in the Blue Zone. The waves of the sea are currently boiling due to the maneuvers of Russia and NATO. The Russian Navy is conducting maneuvers at two places simultaneously. Russia's Pacific Fleet in the Pacific Ocean, while Russia's Northern Fleet in the Arctic is practicing attacks on NATO countries.

NATO has also intensified its preparations to stop Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim. The armies of NATO countries are conducting war exercises in the Baltic Sea. 30 warships and 3 thousand 200 naval personnel are participating in this drill. In the coming time, NATO countries are going to conduct the biggest exercise ever in the Baltic Sea. More than 50 warships will be included in this. About 41 thousand sailors will participate. All of them will carry out more than 700 air operations. This means that both Russia and NATO are ready.

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