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Friday, September 15, 2023

By what name was Doordarshan known initially? Who gave the name? Know the answer to every question

Doordarshan turns 64 today. Initially, programs related to development and education of half an hour each were broadcast only three days a week on this channel. Today Doordarshan has about two dozen channels.

Doordarshan, which has reached every home in India, turns 64 today. This organization, which used to broadcast half-an-hour programs three days a week, is today broadcasting continuously for 24 hours without any interruption. Now it also has many national and regional channels. Doordarshan still has the highest reach in the country and abroad. Be it remote villages or high mountains. The fame that television gained through serials like Ramayana and Mahabharata takes it into its golden age. Overall, it would be fair to say that Doordarshan's journey so far has been wonderful and full of pride.

Doordarshan was started on 15 September 1959. Programs related to development and education of half an hour each were broadcast only three days a week. Then its name used to be Television India. At that time only 18 TV sets were installed in Delhi. Naturally the scope was very limited. Today, many kothis can be found in Delhi itself, where 18 sets can be found installed at one place. They are employed in government offices.

When did Doordarshan start?

An effort to reach this broadcasting to the general public was made in the year 1965 when broadcasting first started in Delhi. There used to be black and white TV sets. At that time it was for big people. The common man would definitely look at it with curiosity but would not think of installing a TV set in his home. As this journey of development progressed, India Television moved forward from Delhi and its first stop was Mumbai. The year was 1972. Then one year in 1975 it reached Chennai and Kolkata also. Doordarshan did start broadcasting in all four metros of the country, but TV sets were also limited and broadcasting had its own limitations.

In the year 1975, the name of Television India was changed and now it became Doordarshan. At that time television set and Doordarshan were synonymous with each other. It continued like this for a few years and then in the year 1980, efforts started to take it to the cities of the country. In the year 1982, the Asian Games were to be held in Delhi. This was the same time when Doordarshan expanded to other parts of the country and technological advancements such that TV sets started coming in color. This was once again a matter of curiosity.

After recording and showing the Asian Game, the serial Hum Log was launched on 7 July 1984, which made it popular in every household. At that time a large number of transmitters were installed in every corner of the country. Our story was of middle class families. People could relate to it. This was the same time when TV set shops started opening in big cities as well as small towns. Krishi Darshan has been the longest running program of Doordarshan. The serial Buniyaad, made keeping the India-Pakistan partition at the centre, has completed the right task. In this, artists like Alok Nath, Anita Kanwar, Vinod Nagpal and Divya Seth had reached every home. There was a place for him in people's hearts.

Important role of Ramayana

After this came the year 1986, when Ramayan written by Ramanand Sagar started running on Doordarshan. There was silence on the streets across the country at the time of this program on Sunday. Preparations were done at home. One or two TV sets were installed at the homes of senior people in the locality. In such a situation, on Sundays, arrangements were often made to show Ramayana to the people of the neighborhood in houses with TV sets. It broke all the records of popularity. The situation was such that if anyone had found its artist anywhere, the person would have been in a posture of prostration.

People did not travel during the telecast of Ramayana. Mahabharata has completed the remaining work. Even before Ramayana-Mahabharata, even though TV sets were in few homes, many of their programs were very popular. Film song programs and many serials like Chitrahaar, Bharat Ek Khoj, Byomkesh Bakshi, Malgudi Days, Vikram Vaital, Fauji, Tamas, Alif Laila used to be the topic of discussion in every household. But the credit for the record made by Ramayan in the sale of TV sets is not in anyone else's account. Three years ago, when the Corona lockdown was imposed, Ramayana-Mahabharata were shown again and even at that time, these serials broke all their own records in terms of viewership.

How many channels does Doordarshan have?

Today, many channels of Doordarshan are available with different types of programs 24 hours a day. Regional language channels are also broadcasting 24 hours. Some important milestones are also:

Five-minute news bulletins started in the year 1965.

Today Doordarshan has about two dozen channels.

This is the largest broadcasting platform in the country.

The 24-hour news channel started in November 2003.

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