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Sunday, September 10, 2023

These 6 food items present in the kitchen are unhealthy, replace them with these things

Health Tips: There are some food items in our kitchen which we commonly use. You can also replace these items with healthy options.

There are both nutritious and unhealthy food items in our kitchen. However, sometimes you can eat unhealthy food. But for good health it is better to stop them completely. You can start it with small changes.

In such a situation, the health dietitian has advised to replace some food items which you can replace with healthy things. By doing this you will be able to take equal care of both taste and health. Let us know which food items these are.

Use cold-pressed virgin oil instead of processed vegetable oil.

Processed vegetable oil is commonly used for cooking. It contains many chemicals. It contains more polyunsaturated fat. Excessive use of this oil has adverse effects on health. In such a situation, you can use cold-pressed virgin oil instead.

Jaggery or coconut sugar instead of refined white sugar

Excessive use of refined white sugar can prove harmful for our health. Due to this, one may have to face obesity, diabetes and heart related problems. Instead, you can use jaggery or coconut sugar as a healthy alternative.

Eat fresh fruits instead of fruit juice

Fruit juices have less fiber. Sometimes it also contains sugar in large quantities. Because of this the risk of diabetes and heart disease may increase. In such a situation, you can eat fresh fruits instead.

Eat coarse grains instead of flour

You can use flour made from coarse grains instead of white flour. It is very good for digestion. It is much healthier than refined flour. This also provides many other benefits to health.

Eat fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables lack nutrients. Salt or sugar is also added to some vegetables.

Eat puffed rice snacks instead of market snacks.

Instead of buying namkeen from the market, you can easily make namkeen at home. Apart from being hygienic, it is also healthy for health. You can eat salty puffed rice.

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