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Friday, September 15, 2023

The world is shocked to see the dead bodies of aliens, what is there in NASA's 33-page report on UFOs?

Now NASA is also going to work towards the discovery of aliens. The space agency has appointed a research director. This is the first time that the American Space Agency has taken concrete steps. Earlier, the body of an alien was presented in the Mexican Parliament which is said to be 18000 years old.

Space agency NASA has made a big announcement in the field of alien search. The agency has appointed a UFO Research Director, who will work towards the discovery of aliens. The agency said that its scientists can play an important role in searching for UFOs. A report in this regard has come out on Thursday, in which it has been said that how can UFOs be studied scientifically?

Scientists had suggested NASA to form a team and said that the search for UFOs was possible. A group of scientists said this in their report, who had prepared a road map for NASA to search for UFOs in 2022. UFOs will now be officially known as UAP i.e. 'Unidentified Paranormal Phenomena'. The report suggests that NASA should use satellites and other equipment to obtain more information. Along with this, the space agency also announced the appointment of Research Director.

Scientists released 33-page report

This is the first time that NASA has taken concrete steps to seriously consider UAPs. Scientists released a 33-page report based on the data, so that it could be discussed publicly. It is worth noting here that the report states that aliens are not the only – or possible – explanation for UAPs, but research is ongoing. The report said that recently credible witnesses, often fighter pilots, have seen objects in American airspace that they could not identify. Many of these phenomena have been discovered before, but some natural phenomena cannot be immediately recognized.

Scientific discoveries may be unbelievable but can be proven

The report says, “Science is a process that reveals reality rather than fabricating it – no matter how unsatisfactory or confusing that reality may be.' Also, scientists in the report said that yes it can often be unreliable and difficult. The report emphasizes the need to create a rigorous, evidence-based, data-driven scientific framework for understanding UAP.

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