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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Tata-Ambani will cross the fleet, China's economy will be divided like this

India's two big industrialists Tata and Ambani are going to do big work in the technology sector very soon. While this work will boost the country's economy, it can also ruin China's economy.

The world economy is currently taking a new turn. This is the era of 'Industrial Revolution 4.0', where the use of technology is increasing from manufacturing to normal life. Many new fields such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital solutions and robotics are emerging. In such a situation, Tata Group and Reliance Industries have also geared up. To keep their business relevant in the future, as well as to remain a major partner of the Indian economy, both the business houses have made many changes and this is going to harm the Chinese economy.

Recently, there is a tough competition in the semiconductor and Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors between industrialist Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Group and Tata Group, one of India's largest business houses. Both the groups do not want to be left behind in the new business sector under any circumstances and are ready to challenge China's dominance in this sector.

China's dominance in AI

China's dominance in the semiconductor (chip) sector was felt by almost every country during the Corona period. During the Corona period, when people's work in China was affected, there was a semiconductor shortage across the world. This deficiency has not been filled till now. Due to chip shortage, the waiting period of many cars in India has reached one year. Now similar dominance of China is visible in the field of AI also. At present it is far ahead of India in this matter, but India is growing very fast.

If we look at the statistics, today China is number-1 in terms of registering patents for AI based applications and solutions. The number of such patents in China is 1.44 lakh, which is almost three times the figure of 35,385 patents in America. After America, Japan is at third place in this list with 17,012 patents. Whereas India is still far behind and its number is only 480. In these figures for the year 2016 to 2023, India may be lagging behind in filing patents, but now it is increasingly challenging China.

Between 2016 and 2023, the growth rate of patent filing in China has been only 7.36 times, while India's growth has been 11.54 times. In America, the growth rate of patent filing for AI-based solutions during this period has been only 3.36 times, while in Japan the growth rate of patent filing has been only 3.36 times. In India it has been even less at 2.08 times. The highest growth in the world has been Saudi Arabia's 38.25 times and Sweden's 24.82 times. India is third in terms of growth.

Tata-Ambani will do business

Both Tata Group and Ambani's Reliance Group are continuously increasing their investment in new generation business. Tata Group is already in the race to make electric vehicles. His company Tata Electsi provides many types of AI and digital solutions. Apart from this, Tata Group is also moving towards manufacturing batteries and semiconductors. On the other hand, Reliance Group is creating a complete umbrella portfolio of AI and cloud based digital solutions through Jio platforms. Its effort is to provide completely cheap digital solutions through Jio network. Not only this, Reliance Group has also entered new businesses like making solar panels and batteries.

This time, the deal with Nvidia has become a new platform for a new dispute between the two companies. Tata Group has signed an agreement with American chip making company Nvidia to make AI based solutions. Reliance Industries is also in talks with Nvidia to develop digital AI solutions. In this way, both the companies will once again face each other regarding the AI ​​field.

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