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Friday, September 15, 2023

Sun's journey - keeping an eye on the target... ISRO's Aditya L1 will go one step further

ISRO's first solar mission Aditya L-1 will cross another milestone today. Now it will revolve around the fourth orbit of the Earth. For this, at around 2 o'clock tonight, ISRO scientists will switch on its engine for some time. It will take approximately four months to reach L1 point.

After Chandrayaan-3, Aditya L1, which set out on its journey to the sun, will go one step further. Scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization will turn on its engines for some time, so that Aditya L-1 can enter the next orbit of the Earth. It will be in the fifth orbit, till now this Indian spacecraft was revolving in the fourth orbit.

To find out the unsolved mysteries of the Sun, ISRO launched the Aditya L-1 spacecraft on September 2. It will go to Langres Point i.e. L1 between the Earth and the Sun. Till now it has completed four orbits around the Earth. Last time it was injected into Earth's fourth orbit on September 10. Its engines will be switched on shortly at 2 am Indian time, so that it can be injected into the fifth orbit of the Earth.

Aditya L1 will work tirelessly and non-stop

Aditya L1 has to travel to the Langres Point which is at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers from the Earth, this is the first of the five Langresian points between the Earth and the Sun. This point is at the place where there is balance between the gravity of the Earth and the Sun. That means here Aditya L1 will remain stable and will work continuously without getting tired or stopping. Since this point is between the Earth and the Sun, it will not be affected by day and night.

Will take 1440 photos every day

ISRO has sent seven payloads with Aditya L1, the most special being the Visible Emission Line Coronagraph or VELC which will continuously take pictures of the Sun. According to Dr. Muthu Priyal, project scientist of Aditya-L1, this instrument will take approximately 1440 photographs of the moon in 24 hours. Every minute a picture will continue to reach ISRO, which will help in solving the mysteries of the Sun.

This is how we will complete our further journey

After circling five orbits of the Earth, Aditya L-1 will exit the Earth's gravitational field. After this it will go towards L1. This process is called cruise step, in which it will complete its journey easily. From here, after traveling for about 110 days, it will go to L1 point and will be established in Hello Orbit there.

Aditya L-1 will do this work

ISRO's first solar mission Aditya L1 will solve the unsolved mysteries of the sun, according to former NASA scientist Dr. Mila Mitra, it will find out about the sun's temperature, coronal mass injection, chromosphere, photosphere. Especially it will keep an eye on solar weather, so that by knowing about it, ISRO can prepare for the future and protect its satellites from solar storms.

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