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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Steve Jobs' 'One More Thing' line changed the world, today India is making iPhone 15, then this unique business started

Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 15 is going to be launched in just three days. But who can forget that 'One More Thing' line of Steve Jobs, when the world's first iPhone was launched. Do you know how the iPhone changed the world? How did it create a whole new business in India?

The countdown for the new iPhone 15 launch has started. Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook can launch the new iPhone on September 12 at the 'Wanderlust' event. But you or the people of the new generation may not even remember that the first iPhone was launched in 2007. Now a line of Steve Jobs, the chief of the company, 'One More Things' had changed a lot in the world. Not only this, in a country like India, it took months for the iPhone to arrive, but it had created a whole new business.

Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in July 2007. When he said 'One More Thing' just before the launch of the iPhone in that event, perhaps even the world did not know that in the coming years everyone would compete to make mobile phones like the iPhone. There itself

This is how the world changed with the iPhone

When Apple Inc. came into the world with iPhone, Qwerty keypads were also used in smartphones. E-mails used to be downloaded with great difficulty. After this, Apple brought 'iPhone' which was not only smooth to operate. Rather, it was a unique combination of several different personal digital assistance devices (PDAs).

For a long time, Chhuniya did not believe that the features of a phone, an iPod and an internet operating device could be fulfilled by the iPhone alone. Steve Jobs had then said in his speech that we all will operate this phone with the 10 things with which we are born i.e. with the touch of our fingers. We have developed a new technology called 'Multi-Touch'. It works just like magic.

It is also true that today touch phones have become a part of our lives. Without them we would not be able to think about many things. Although even at that time this phone was quite expensive. Even today this phone remains out of reach of the general public.

This unique business started in India

The iPhone was once published on the cover of TIME magazine. After a year, Steve Jobs again came face to face with the common people. He told that iPhone was launched only in 6 countries, but it is being used all over the world.

At the same time a new business started in India. When Indians whose relatives lived in America returned to India, they brought iPhones with them for their friends and relatives. But that iPhone could not be used in India because the SIM in it was locked. Now India and the people of India have become Jugaadhu, they found the solution in unlocking the iPhone.

Yes, the business of unlocking iPhones continued for many years in Mumbai's Chor Bazaar and Delhi's Ghaffar Market. This created new employment opportunities for the people. This work stopped only when Apple, in collaboration with companies like Vodafone and Airtel, officially launched these phones in India.

Today India is making iPhone 15

From 2007, now 2023 has come. Many versions of iPhone have been released and now iPhone 15 is going to be launched. Meanwhile, India has also changed very fast. Apple Inc. started manufacturing iPhone 14 in India last year. This year also iPhone 15 is being manufactured in India. Not only this, this year Apple Inc. has also opened its stores in India. Of these, one is open in Saket of Delhi and the other in Bandra area of ​​Mumbai.

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