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Saturday, September 9, 2023

G20 Summit: Live traffic of New Delhi will be visible in 3D on this app! You will get up-to-the-minute information

G20 Summit Mappls MapmyIndia:
Delhi Police has advised to download an app to get traffic information in Delhi. Through this you will get information about blocked routes. This app also shows 3D navigation of the G20 event venue.

G20 Summit India: Traffic is closed at many places in Delhi due to G20 Summit. There is a ban on movement in many areas of New Delhi area. Leaders of powerful countries of the world have come to the capital. For their security, the police have made arrangements for high-level security. To save people from getting stuck in traffic, Delhi Police has advised to download Mappls MapmyIndia app. Through this, the traffic of the capital will be visible in 3D. Let us see more details of this app.

Mappls MapmyIndia app is a satellite-based navigation app. In this, a widget has been developed to show the map of the control zone area of ​​G20. Overall you can see the map of almost every part of Delhi. Through this, information about the route decided by Delhi Police will be available.

Traffic will be visible in real-time

The most special thing about this app is that it can show real-time updates of the roads of Delhi. Where the road is closed or there is route diversion, information about all this will be available in this app. Mappls MapmyIndia has joined hands with Delhi Police to integrate police data with the app. Users will be able to see other routes of the routes marked in red.

App will show 3D view

This app has 3D, default map view and 360 degree view of Bharat Mandapam. This app gives the facility to search places, see directions, share location and report if something goes wrong. The company has prepared detailed 3D and 360 degree maps and metaverses of different venues of the G20 like Bharat Mandapam. This will make people's experience much better.

This is how the app will work

This app of MapMyIndia is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After downloading the app, click on the G20 icon on the screen. Turn on Visual Traffic for updates, and click on G20 Traffic Advisory. From here you will get details of live traffic updates.

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