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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Russia rained cluster bombs on Ukraine, 900 people died in one year

In Ukraine, Russia has exploded with cluster bombs in the year 2022, in which hundreds of people have died. At present, a fierce war is going on between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is also not ready to back down. He is trying to wreak havoc by attacking Russia with a drone.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has shown nothing but devastation. Meanwhile, it has been reported that more than 900 people lost their lives in cluster bomb blasts in Ukraine in the year 2022. Cluster Munition Coalition, a network of non-governmental organizations calling for a ban on cluster weapons, says that a new record has been set at the global level due to the number of people killed. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, it has used old cluster munitions and newly developed weapons “on a large scale”.

It is reported that the Ukrainian army also used such weapons “to some extent”, although this may change after the supply of weapons from America. No one has died from cluster bombs in Ukraine for many years, but last year 916 deaths were recorded. Hundreds of people have been injured as well. It is said that most of these include common citizens.

At the same time, Russia and Ukraine are giving tough competition to each other in the war. While Ukraine has been devastated by continuous attacks, it has carried out drone attacks to respond to Russia, due to which Russia is in trouble. Ukrainian drones were seen in many areas of Moscow in the last 24 hours. Attacks also took place at some places. Ukrainian drone arrived near the house of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin's house is in Tiver area. Air defense destroyed Ukrainian drone. It was claimed to have shot down all the drones of Ukraine. At the same time, there has been talk of destroying Ukrainian drones in Moscow and its outskirts.

High alert in Moscow after Ukrainian attack

According to media reports, there was an explosion near the railway station of Moscow. There was an attempted attack near the Leningrad railway station. The warehouse caught fire after the explosion. Here too there is a possibility of attack from Ukrainian drone. High alert was declared in Moscow after the Ukrainian attack. Two major airports here were completely closed. All flights at these two airports had to be cancelled. More than 50 flights were delayed or canceled. This courage of Ukraine is going to shake Putin because this was the second drone attack on Moscow in 5 days.

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