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Monday, September 18, 2023

Only after 6 months of marriage, both husband and wife got this fatal disease, the whole story will become emotional.

The emotional story of a husband and wife is going viral at the moment. In fact, only six months had passed since their marriage and both of them got cancer. Now money is being raised for his treatment through fundraiser.

After marriage, many changes take place in the life of both husband and wife, but their life also becomes complete. Generally, marriages bring happiness, but nowadays a husband and wife are in the news, whose life after marriage brought not happiness but diseases and that too fatal diseases. In fact, just 6 months after getting married, Shane Gray came to know that he had testicular cancer, which had spread around his lymph nodes. He had to undergo surgery along with 21 chemotherapy injections to recover completely.

The good thing was that the doctors told Shane that he would be fine after four months. Now this was a matter of happiness for Shane as well as his wife, but their happiness did not last long, because within a few weeks, Shane's wife Morgan came to know that she too had to fight cancer. According to the report of Ladbible , Morgan had become a victim of triple negative breast cancer. She came to know about her serious illness when she went to the doctor for an appointment to get her breast checked. Initially he thought that everything was fine, but to reassure himself, ultrasound and biopsy were done, in which cancer was detected.

Money for treatment is being raised through fundraiser

Now this was another big blow for the Gray family. According to reports, a fundraiser has been set up for his treatment, as just six months ago Shane Gray and Morgan got married, in which lakhs of rupees were spent and then the money was spent on Shane's cancer treatment. In such a situation, they are facing huge medical bills. The fundraiser says, 'Morgan's chemotherapy has recently started. It was fortunate that Morgan's disease was detected early, otherwise it could have proved dangerous.

16 lakhs have been collected so far

According to reports, so far more than 20 thousand dollars i.e. about 16 lakh 60 thousand rupees have been collected for the Gray couple and it is expected that in the coming few days it will increase to 25 thousand dollars. Now after knowing about this fatal disease of the Gray couple, people are also giving different types of reactions. One has written, 'I read your story. I'm so sorry you're going through so much. May you support each other strongly, I pray that your life is full of blessings', while another person has written, 'May God give you strength and courage'.

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