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Monday, September 11, 2023

Now your eyes will reveal the secret of your ears, this way you will be successful in detecting deafness.

Now there will be no need for ear test to identify the symptoms of premature deafness. This problem can be known only through the movement of the eyes.

Hearing Loss Detection:

In the human body, eyes are made for seeing and ears are made for hearing. Till now, ear testing was done to solve any ear problem. Ear test is common especially for the problem of deafness or hearing loss. But the hearing test is not very effective for hearing loss because the test does not detect the initial problem. But now an eye test can be more effective than an ear test to detect hearing loss or deafness. Yes, you may find it strange to read, but soon a method is coming by which the problem of hearing loss can be detected by testing the eyes. 

Ear problems can be detected through eyes   

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada have given specific information about this new method. According to him, thanks to this new method, symptoms of any kind of hearing problem can be identified through eye movements. This new method will prove to be very effective in detecting the initial stage of deafness. This means that if this study is successful then it will become much easier to identify the initial symptoms of deafness in future. 

This will be detected by the decrease in eye movement.   

In this study, all the participants were made to sit in a speech. When this speech was going on, people's eyes were focused. In this study, it was said that when someone has trouble hearing, he focuses more on his eyes. That means he wants to take over the work of his ears from his eyes. This means that someone who is hearing impaired tries to listen by focusing through his eyes. In this study, some people heard a speech. During this, they were asked to focus on a point on the screen in front of them. In the middle of a moving speech, a reduction in eye movement was observed in those who were having difficulty hearing. Less eye movement was taken to mean that those people were trying to listen with more focus and concentration.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.


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