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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Kim reached Russia to meet Putin with soldiers wielding nuclear weapons, the whole world is in tension!

North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un is currently in Russia. He can meet Putin anytime. During the Putin-Kim meeting, both the countries can make a deal on technology and deadly weapons and missiles. America is keeping an eye on Kim's visit.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un has reached Russia in his private train. Today he will hold a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Kim has reached Russia along with top military officers handling the factories manufacturing nuclear weapons and war items, due to which the whole world including the Western countries is in tension. It is being told that the conversation between the two leaders will focus on bilateral relations. The great thing is that both the countries are expanding their cooperation at a time when the conflict with America is deepening.

North Korea can provide artillery shell-anti-tank missile

This is Kim's first foreign trip after the Corona virus epidemic. According to American reports, amid the ongoing war with Ukraine, Putin can make a deal with North Korea for artillery shells, anti-tank missiles and many deadly weapons to replenish his dwindling stockpile. If this deal is made, then the pressure on America and its partners to carry forward the talks on Ukraine-Russia war will increase, because now the world's concerns are increasing about the increasing Russia-Ukraine conflict.

America keeps a close eye on North Korea-Russia deal

America is keeping a close eye on the lethal weapons deal between North Korea and Russia. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said Washington would monitor the meeting closely. He said that if North Korea gives weapons to Russia, it will be a violation of many resolutions of the United Nations Security Council. After this America will not hesitate in imposing new sanctions.

Russian Army is facing severe shortage of shells in war

Analysts say that North Korea has millions of artillery shells and rockets based on Soviet design, which can increase the strength of the Russian army. In return, Russia will provide its nuclear submarine technology and satellite technology to North Korea, which will further strengthen Kim's nuclear weapons and missiles. The Russian Army is currently facing severe shortage of shells in the war. It is said that Kim has designed his missiles to target America, South Korea and Japan.

What will Russia give?

Nuclear Submarine Technology

satellite technology

Support on international platforms

Food ingredients and raw materials

What will North Korea give?

anti tank missile

artillery shell

multiple lethal weapons

direct support in war

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