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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Jawan is nothing but 'torture', found 'cheated' in the name of Shahrukh Khan

Young, young and just young. These days, the name of this film of Shahrukh Khan is everywhere. The craze is so much that even I could not stop myself from watching this film. But the first thought that came after watching was that my time was wasted in the name of mass masala film.

Jaawaan is a masterpiece, Jaawaan is a mass masala film, Jaawaan is fully loaded with action, Jaawaan has everything that a good entertainer film has. When Shahrukh Khan's film was released in theaters on September 7, only similar things were heard through social media. I am not only fond of watching films, but on top of that, somewhere inside me there is also a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan. Then I opened my mobile, booked movie tickets and reached the cinema hall with two friends. But when he returned after watching the film, there was a big fullstop on all the things he had heard. My ticket cost of Rs 458, bike parking charge of Rs 30 in cinema hall parking and my precious time all went waste.

The heart of this fan inside me was so broken that only one thought came to my mind that this film in the name of Shahrukh Khan is nothing but a fraud and torture. I sit in the theater in front of a big screen with the hope of seeing Shahrukh Khan in a new avatar. Shahrukh Khan is seen soaked in blood. He has lost his memory. The story goes on. Since Shahrukh has a double role in the film, his second character is entered. Shahrukh along with his girl gang hijacks the train. Although for positive purpose. Here Shahrukh is seen in a bald look. Seeing him in this new avatar, theaters echo with applause. Nayantara appears in the role of IPS Narmada Rai. Shahrukh gets his demand fulfilled by the government through him. Till now everything was going well and it was expected that there would be a huge explosion just ahead. But nothing like this happened.

What were the shortcomings in the young man?

Complaint against Vikram Rathod: Shahrukh Khan's first character's name is Azad and the second's name is Vikram Rathod. Azad's role is that of a son and Rathore's role is that of a father. Whenever I saw Shahrukh in the role of Azad on screen, I felt that this is my own Shahrukh. But Rathore's character seemed completely strange. So strange that it reminded me of the kind of characters used in old films of South cinema

Shahrukh does not do justice to Vikram Rathod's character at all. His character is that of an old man, but he is not completely old at all. Cigar in mouth all the time, earphones in ears, strange tone of speech, clumsy style of walking, such action on bike that makes one laugh. That is, the old Vikram Rathod was given the full swag of a young man. Because of this it becomes not only difficult but impossible to build a connection with this character.

Missed Akshay Kumar: There is also a complaint with director Atlee that Shah Rukh would have given some other name to this character. Whenever the name of Vikram Rathore was heard throughout the film, I kept remembering Akshay Kumar. Yes, Rathod...the one from Vikram Rathod. In one scene, Shahrukh even spoke, Rathod… Vikram Rathod, after listening to which he was convinced that Atlee liked Akshay's character so much that he affixed this name to Shahrukh Khan.

Cheating in the name of action too: It was being said that this film has more powerful action than Pathan, which was not seen anywhere in the film of about 2 hours 49 minutes. Yes, there was definitely action, but the same old one which we used to watch in old South films on TV at home years ago. Vikram Rathod, riding a bike, takes out his belt, throws it around the truck driver's neck and throws him out of the truck in the air.

There is one more scene seeing which I was looking less towards the theater screen and more towards my friend with a disappointed face. The question in my mind was, what kind of film is this? This cannot be Shahrukh's film. Understand what was the scene. Vikram Rathod is going after the enemy truck. Next, Jagar gets down from the bike, takes out a burning cigar from his mouth, pours it into the petrol tank and kicks the bike. Without a rider, the bike goes absolutely straight and goes ahead and explodes. This scene was completely beyond logic.

There is no point in being a multi starrer: The film is a multi starrer. Along with Shah Rukh, Nayantara, there are many other stars including Vijay Sethupathi, Deepika Padukone, Riddhi Dogra, Sanya Malhotra, Sanjita Bhattacharya, Sunil Grover. But the presence of these stars is not felt much. To say that Nayantara is the lead actress in the film, but there is nothing like a lead in her character. It just seems that he has no other work than to get Shahrukh's demands fulfilled by the government.

Shahrukh without romance: Before the release of the film, it was being said that along with action, it will also have a touch of romance. It is obvious that where Shahrukh is there, romance is bound to happen. But leave aside the flavor of romance, there is not even a glimpse of it which can settle in the heart. Rest of the songs of this film are nothing special, that was known even before the release of the film.

Vijay Sethupathi's magic also did not work: Of course Vijay Sethupathi is an amazing actor, but his character (Kali) in the film was completely beyond his brilliant acting. To say that he is the villain of the film, but seeing his character makes us laugh more. It hardly seems that he is the villain of the film. Neither he has any strong fight scene with the hero, nor being a villain, he is able to do something that deserves praise.

Just trying to end the story somehow: The film is 2 hours 49 minutes long. But watching the film, it seems as if somehow an attempt has been made to bring the story to the end. When all the lights in the theaters come on, the first question that arises is whether the movie is over?

These things deserve praise

There are some things in the film which deserve praise. The most special thing about Jawan is that Shahrukh Khan is in it. If Vikram Rathore is kept aside for a moment, then he is very good in the character of Azad. Nayanthara's look also looks impressive. Another good thing about this film is that through this film, Shahrukh Khan has raised big issues like farmer's suicide, medical sector scams. King Khan has told the people that what is the cost of one vote.

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