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Saturday, September 16, 2023

If you want to lose weight fast then eat dry fruits in this way, the difference will be visible in a month.

Want to lose weight fast? So include dry fruits in your daily diet like this…let us know.

Dry Fruits For Weight Loss: Dry fruits like figs, raisins, almonds etc. are rich in fiber and nutrients. These make you feel full for a long time and help in reducing hunger. Eat dry fruits for breakfast, as a snack or with salad. They can also be eaten by mixing them with curd, smoothie or yogurt. By including dry fruits in your daily diet, you can get help in weight loss. If you do not eat them properly, they can provide more calories and more fat in the body. Here are some ways you can know the right way to eat dry fruits to lose weight. By eating dry fruits properly, you will start seeing the difference in your weight within a month.

Portion Control

Dry fruits are high in calories, so it is important for you to consume them in the right quantity. You should eat only a few grams in a moderate portion. Otherwise your body weight will increase instead of decreasing. 

Daily Exercise:

If you eat dry fruits, you should do daily exercise and physical activity so that your calories can be burnt. Exercise increases metabolism and dry fruits provide energy. Both together help in weight loss. 

Drinking water:

It is important to drink water after eating dry fruits. It can improve your digestion and help in reducing calories faster. Dry fruits are high in fiber which keeps the digestive system healthy. Dry fruits can be high in sodium. Drinking water keeps sodium balanced. 

Do not eat at meal time.

Dry fruits should not be eaten with food, as it can increase your calorie intake. Try eating these as a snack. 

Eating soaked: 

Soaking gradually increases the glycemic index of fruits. It releases energy slowly and reduces appetite. Soaked fruits are difficult to digest. This keeps the stomach full and reduces calorie consumption. Soaking dissolves fiber and nutrients in fruits which helps in weight control. 

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