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Monday, September 18, 2023

If you had bought Apple shares instead of iPhone, you would have become a millionaire.

Apple iPhone 15 series has been launched. You may also have planned to buy it. But have you ever thought that if you had invested in Apple shares instead of buying such an expensive phone, you would have been a millionaire today. Let us understand the whole thing...

The charm of Apple iPhone is such that everyone wants to have the latest iPhone and show off, take mirror selfies. Now the new iPhone 15 series has also been launched, whose price range is between Rs 80 thousand to Rs 2 lakh. You have also made preparations to buy it, because you are very curious about new technology. But…but…but…

But have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had invested in Apple shares instead of all the iPhones that came after Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007? You could have become a millionaire today by investing a few thousand dollars, and that too in less than 16 years. Let us explain its complete mathematics, here we will do all the calculations according to the base model of iPhone.

You would have had this many shares of Apple.

Apple has been working in the stock market since the 80s. But its fortunes also changed in 2007 with the introduction of Apple iPhone. When the world saw the first iPhone in June 2007, its price was $499 while Apple's stock price was $3.75. That means at that time you would have got 133 shares of Apple for the price of one iPhone.

After this, the second iPhone iPhone 3G came in July 2008, the price of its base model was only 199 dollars. Whereas at that time Apple's share was exactly double i.e. around 6 dollars. That means, in exchange for the price of this iPhone, you would have had 33 more shares of Apple.

Similarly, the base model of iPhone 3GS launched in 2009 was priced at $99, while the price of Apple's stock was around $5, which means you would have got 20 more shares of Apple. Then, for the price of iPhone 4 priced at $199 in 2010, you would have got 23 more shares of Apple because at that time the share price was $8.8.

Calculation of the price of iPhone in the remaining years, the price of Apple's shares and the total number of shares you will get.

2011: iPhone 4S, price-199 dollars, share price- around 14 dollars, shares available at 15

2012: iPhone 5, price-199 dollars, share price-about 24 dollars, shares get 8

2013: iPhone 5s, price-99 dollars, share price-about 16.5 dollars, shares get 6

2014: iPhone 6, price-199 dollars, share price-about 25.4 dollars, shares get 8

2015: iPhone 6S, price-199 dollars, share price-about 28.3 dollars, shares get 7

2016: iPhone 7, price-649 dollars, share price-about 28.2 dollars, shares available at 23

2017: iPhone 8, price-699 dollars, share price-about 38 dollars, shares get 18

2018: iPhone XR, price-749 dollars, share price-about 55.3 dollars, shares get 14

2019: iPhone 11, price-699 dollars, share price-about 54.5 dollars, shares available at 13

2020: iPhone 12, price-699 dollars, share price-about 112 dollars, shares available at 6

2021: iPhone 13, price-799 dollars, share price-about 146 dollars, shares available at 5

2022: iPhone 14, price-$799, share price-about $150.7, shares available at 5

2023: iPhone 15, price-799 dollars, share price-about 175 dollars, shares available at 5

You would have become a millionaire by now

In this way, if you had bought only Apple shares instead of every Apple iPhone, your total investment would have been about $7,585. If we look at the current exchange range, this amount would have been Rs 6.3 lakh, which means you would have invested it in 17 years like any LIC policy. You would have had a total of 342 shares of Apple as of today.

At present the value of one share of Apple is around $175. In such a situation, at the current value, you would get 59,850 dollars in exchange for these shares and according to the current exchange rate, the value of this dollar is Rs 49,74,830.

This is a calculation done only according to the price of the base model of iPhone. If you had bought every version of the iPhone launched so far, it would have cost you about $15,800 and in return you would have received about 910 shares of Apple, because Apple's shares have also been split in the middle. The value of all these coins today would be around $1,59,250, meaning you would be the owner of Rs 1,32,41,950.

However, it is also worth keeping in mind that if everyone in the world only invested in Apple's shares and did not buy iPhones, then the demand for the company's products would not have increased and its share price would never have increased so much.

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