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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

How many names are there of Hindustan, Aryavarta, Jambudweep, India and what is the story of those names?

According to historians, when the British made their debut, they used to have difficulty in speaking Hindustani or Hindustan. After this, India was created from Indus. The issue of name of the country Bharat or India is much discussed. Apart from these two, India also has many names.

First, the G-20 invitation letter printed by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, then the President of India, has given rise to the fact that in the coming special session of Parliament, a bill to name the country India or rather to remove India has been brought. May go. The government has to decide what will happen next on this. But, a common Indian, Indian, Hindustani must know that what is the story behind other historical, mythological names of our beloved India?

First it is important to know some mythological facts. According to Acharya Raghunath Das Shastri of Ayodhya, the entire land used to be India. Greater India is only a part of Jambudweep. Our present India also. According to cosmology, the island or continent did not have the meaning that we understand today.

What does history say?

Jambudweep means almost the entire Asia of today. There used to be a total of seven continents on this earth. Their names are Jambudweep, Plaksh Dweep, Shalmali Dweep, Kush Dweep, Kraunch Dweep, Shak Dweep and Pushkar Dweep respectively. Among these, Jambudweep is in the center i.e. it is in the middle. Our country is a part of this Jambudweep. Its nine sections have been mentioned in the scriptures. Bharat, Kimpurush, Hari, Ketumal, Ilavritta, Bhadrasva, Ramyaka, Kuru and Hiranyamaya meaning India are also recorded here.

In such a situation, what we call India in the scriptures, the real India is only a part of it. Earlier, as Acharya Raghunath Das says that the entire land was called Bharatvarsha and there was recognition of Sanatan Dharma throughout. Gradually, with the development of humanity in the course of time, the terrains started to be known by different names.

Till a few hundred years ago, India was the year till Paras i.e. Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Hindustan, Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos. This Bharat resides in the middle of the year, Hindusthan. Which extends to the Himalayas in the north and the sea-ocean in the south. The northern part of this has been called Aryavarta.

Aryavarta means the land of the Aryans, where they reside. This Aryavarta was spread from the Kabul River flowing in Afghanistan, which was known as Kumbha River in the Vedic period and Kofesa in ancient times, to the Ganga River. Therefore, the belief that Aryans came from somewhere outside is not completely true. In this way, till now we have learned about many names of India like Bharatvarsha, Jambudweep, Hindustan, Bharat, Aryavarta etc. Now let us expand them a bit.

India Year

Based on mythological facts, the entire earth used to be Bharat Varsha. Its seven islands are mentioned above but these islands have a different meaning from today's definition of island. Its discussion is also found in 19-20th chapter of Pancham Skanda of Srimad Bhagatvatam. Today's India is an important part of this. That means India is not just the one we all know.


Its discussion is also found in Vishnu Purana. It is said that the basis of its naming was the Jamun tree. The river in which Jamun fruits fall is called Madhu Vahini, Jambu River. Jamun trees were found in abundance in this area. In many scriptures, today's India has been called a part of Jambudweep. Earlier it was known as Jambudweep.


Hindustan resides in the heart i.e. the center of Greater India. This is also found recorded in many historical texts. And this is our today's India.


India is also called Aryavarta. It is believed that expansion took place here with the arrival of Aryans. He played a big role in decorating it. That's why this land was also called the land of Aryans, which is today's India, it is an important part of this Aryavarta.


The story of this word or nomenclature is related to three glorious kings named Bharat. Bharat the son of Rishabhdev, Bharat the brother of Rama and Bharat the son of Dushyant-Shakuntala. All the three Bharatas ruled in different time periods, hence the name Bharat.

India has also been identified with names like India, Ajnabh Varsh, Him Varsh, Al Hind, Tianzhu, Hodu, Fagyul. The newest name among these is India, which came after the arrival of the British. It is said that when the Greeks and Turks came here, they entered through the Indus Valley. Since they addressed themselves as 'S', Sindhu, Hindu and the inhabitants of Hindu became Hindustani.

When the British arrived, they faced difficulty in speaking Hindustani or Hindustan. When he came to know that Indus Valley is also called Indus Valley, he created India from Indus and started using it. There are many more such stories. The name Al-Hind has been given by the Arab countries. It means the country of Hind. The word Fugyul comes from Tibet and was named Tianzhu by the Chinese people and the name Hodu came from Japan. All these mean India, Hindustan.

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