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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: How did Lord Ganesha break the pride of Kuber, the god of wealth?

Ganesh Chaturthi:
We all are very innocent. We very quickly become proud of our wealth and start looking down on people. One such story is related to Kuber and Lord Shri Ganesha. At one time even Kuber Dev had become proud and then Ganpati Bappa broke his pride in a jiffy.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special: Ganpati Bappa is being welcomed with great pomp across the country. Shri Ganesha has a prominent place in Hindu religion, there are many stories related to him, which make him more revered. There is a story of King Kuber, who is called the king of wealth in the scriptures. The mythological story is that once Kuber, the king of wealth, became proud of having more wealth and to show off his wealth he decided to invite all the gods one by one to his house for a meal, Kuber Dev. Now his pride had increased so much that he thought of inviting Mahadev, the god of gods, for dinner.

Lord Shiva sent Ganesha in his place

To show off his grandeur, Kubera planned to invite Lord Shiva for a meal with his family. Kuber came to invite Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva was aware of Kuber's arrogance, he discussed this with his wife Parvati. Lord Shankar thought that Kuber's pride would have to be broken. Lord Shiva told Kuber that I cannot leave Kailash, so you take Lord Ganesha. But keep in mind that Ganesha is not satisfied easily. Then Kuber became arrogant and said, if I can feed everyone, I will satisfy Lord Ganesha also.

How was Kuber's pride broken?

Following Bholenath's words, Ganesh reached Lord Kuber's palace. For the sake of Shri Ganesha, Kuber Dev served innumerable dishes and food made of gold in utensils made of rubies, pearls and precious gems. Ganesh ji started eating and even after eating for a long time, he was not satisfied. Kuber Dev's entire food gradually ended and he became nervous. In this panic, he went straight to Lord Shankar and told him the whole story. Within a short time Ganesh ji also reached there, then Bholenath asked mother Parvati to bring something for Gajanan to eat and mother Parvati immediately brought the food. After eating the food prepared by his mother, Lord Ganesha's stomach was immediately filled. Seeing this, Kuber Dev understood and his pride was shattered, he apologized to Bholenath and resolved to never be proud again.

Gajanan is a miraculous god and he does not do any work in an easy way, some miracle is definitely seen in his every story. In this story, Lord Shri Ganesha had done a lot without doing anything. He broke Kuber Dev's pride so easily that even Bholenath became very happy.

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