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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Beauty tips: If you are going to become a bride soon then start applying this paste, your face will glow.

Every girl wants that there should be no flaw in her entire look on the wedding day. Because of this, girls start preparations much in advance. If you are going to be a bride soon, then this homemade concoction will prove helpful in enhancing your beauty.

Wedding day is very special for every girl. Everyone wishes to look very beautiful on their wedding day. From selecting their outfit to makeup and beauty, girls start preparing a long time in advance. For glowing skin, girls go to parlors and take various types of cosmetic treatments, which cost thousands of rupees. At present, if skin care is started a few days before the wedding, then you can get glowing natural skin on the wedding day.

If you want natural glowing skin on the wedding day, then apply paste made from natural ingredients at home. Your skin problems can definitely be cured by this boil. Along with this, the complexion also improves. Besides this, Ubtan is made from household items so there is no fear of its side effects. So let us know how you can make this Ubtan.

These ingredients are required to make Ubtan

Most of the things to prepare ubtan will be available in your home kitchen. For ubtan, you will need gram flour, beetroot powder, ground lentils, sandalwood powder, turmeric, a little flour, rose water and raw milk.

Make ubtan like this

Mix the ground lentils along with the remaining ingredients and rose water in a bowl. Now add raw milk and prepare such a smooth texture, which can be applied as a layer on the skin.

How to apply this paste

You can apply this paste before sleeping at night or before taking bath in the morning. Along with the face, you can also use this paste on neck and hands and feet. This will benefit your overall beauty. After applying the paste thoroughly, leave it for some time. When it dries 80 percent, clean it by giving a light massage. Using this paste for a few days can give good results.

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