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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Festive season: People are spending openly, from online shopping to real estate sales will increase.

The festive season has started. In such a situation, people make many types of purchases. In this festive season, there is a possibility of huge earning from online shopping and real estate sector.

The festive season has started with Ganesh Chaturthi, along with this, sales have also started on many e-commerce websites. According to a survey, people are ready to spend openly in this festive season. According to the survey, there is a possibility of 18-20 percent increase in online purchases on annual basis during this period. At the same time, the purchase figure of online shopping can be more than Rs 90 thousand crore. Apart from online shopping, real estate sector can also generate huge income.

According to Ramani Shastri, Chairman and MD, Sterling Developers, as we are getting closer to the festive season, people's inquiries into real estate are increasing. Which means, people are ready to shop openly this time. This time people can spend a lot from home on gold and silver and online shopping. According to experts and surveys, this time around 20% growth is expected compared to last year's festive season.

increased demand for houses

The demand for new houses is increasing even before the festive season, which has reached an all-time high and the real estate sector is expected to make profits this season. During this period, the demand for medium and luxury category houses is high. According to Kanika Gupta Shori, Founder and COO of Square Yards, this time developers are also presenting attractive offers to meet the expectations of home buyers. During this period, the purchase of houses in big cities is likely to increase.

There will be an increase in online shopping

There are about 14 crore online shoppers in the country. It is expected that this festive season he can do online transaction at least once. The year 2023 will be the 10th year of e-commerce festive month sales. This year it is expected that sales may be good. This year, in the festive season, online shopping can touch the figure of more than Rs 90 thousand crore. This figure has been calculated on the basis of Gross Merchandise Value i.e. GMV.

There is demand for these too

According to Mrigank Gutgutia, Partner, Redseer Strategy Consultants, in the last few quarters, apart from electronics, there has been strong demand from other categories also. A lot of electronic items are sold during the festive season, but now other categories of items have started being sold. He said this is great for the ecosystem as it shows that customers want to shop online across multiple categories and more brands are coming forward to meet their needs. Redseer also hopes that this festive season will see growth from cities of different tiers also.

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