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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

CAA rules will come before implementation of women's reservation, government will notify soon

Women's Reservation Bill has been introduced in the Lok Sabha. This time the bill is expected to be passed easily. If this is passed then the long wait of 27 years will end. After passing from the Parliament and approval of the President, it will take the form of law.

Even if the Women's Reservation Bill is passed by the Parliament in a special session, there is little hope of its implementation before 2029. According to sources, women's reservation is not possible before the 2029 Lok Sabha elections. There is a long constitutional process to implement reservation. The bill does not require the approval of fifty percent of the state legislatures. That means it will become a law after it is passed by the Parliament and approved by the President. After the law is made, the further process will be completed in these phases.

Government will first notify the rules of CAA

Amidst the discussion on the Women's Reservation Bill, the government will notify the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). According to sources, the Home Ministry can notify the rules of CAA after the elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Assemblies are to be held in these three states later this year. BJP feels that after the implementation of CAA, it may have to suffer loss on 5-6 Lok Sabha seats in Assam, but its benefit will be in West Bengal in terms of Lok Sabha seats and in terms of environment in the entire country.

After this the census work will start in the country

A Delimitation Commission will be formed under the chairmanship of a former Supreme Court judge. Along with the delimitation of Lok Sabha and Assembly, the Delimitation Commission will also select 33 percent seats for women, which will keep changing in rotation. In such a situation, the Women's Reservation Act will be implemented only after the census and delimitation process is completed. If the Delimitation Commission completes the selection of 33 percent seats reserved for women in the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies and submits its report soon, then reservation for women will be implemented in whatever assembly elections are held thereafter.

Under the Women's Reservation Act, 33 percent of the 543 Lok Sabha seats i.e. 181 Lok Sabha seats will be reserved. If Lok Sabha seats increase after delimitation, then 33 percent of the increased seats will be reserved for women.

Meanwhile, if any state wants to adopt this law for the assembly, then it can do so in the elections of its state. ST reservation will continue as before. That means, within the 15 percent SC and 7.5 percent ST reservation, the 33 percent reservation given to women will also be applicable.

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