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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ban on Abaya of Muslim girl students in French schools, President's another plan on dress code

Wearing long dresses, known as abayas, in schools has been banned in France. Defending this ban, French President Emmanuel Macron said that this is not an attempt to isolate Muslims. He has said that experiments will be done regarding the dress code.

The ban on Abaya (long robes worn by Muslims) of Muslim girl students in French schools has come into effect from Monday. Amid the debate over the ban, French President Emmanuel Macron has said that dress codes will be experimented with in some public schools. In France, a dress called Abaya for girls and women and Khamis for boys and men has been banned.

In an interview with online media Hugo Decrypt, President Macron said that we are in favor of experimenting with the dress code in view of the public debate. He said that another experimental option could be that children wear similar clothes. Like a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket. We can definitely have things that are more acceptable for teenagers than dresses. Considering the discipline, there will be less strictness on this.

Voice raised in support of requirement of dress in schools

President Emmanuel Macron's comments come after some conservative and far-right politicians voiced support for requiring uniforms in public schools. However, Macron did not give any information about when this experiment regarding the dress would be conducted. Some private schools already require students to wear uniforms.

No place for religious symbols in schools - Macron

Macron confirmed that authorities could be tougher in enforcing the new rule about long dresses in public schools, which were seen as a challenge to France's secularist values. He said that the schools are secular and that means there is no place for religious symbols. We should talk about this. We have to explain that this is very important.

The decision to ban Abaya is being criticized

Let us tell you that the decision to ban Abaya is being criticized. Some argue that body-covering clothing is not an ostentatious display of religion and should not be banned in schools. The ban comes in the wake of a 2004 law that aims to preserve secularism in French public schools. The law also bans the Muslim headscarf, the large Christian cross, the Jewish kippah and the large turban worn by Sikhs. This law does not apply to the students of universities.

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