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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Anantnag Encounter: Rashtriya Rifles is the time for terrorists, this is how they carry out operations from preparation to destruction of enemies.

Brave soldiers of Rashtriya Rifles are doing the work of fighting the terrorists in Anantnag of Kashmir. The responsibility of eliminating terrorism from the valley is in the hands of this brave unit, it was formed in 1990. Equipped with modern weapons, the soldiers of this unit protect the country by risking their lives every moment.

Two rifles, Ashok Chakra and the battle phrase 'Fortitude and Bravery' inscribed below it. This is a symbol of that brave unit whose aim is to eliminate terrorism from the valley. The brave soldiers of the battalion of this unit, the protector of the nation, are such a unit that even the terrorists fear, in the ongoing encounter in Anantnag of Kashmir, they are taking on the terrorists. Colonel Manpreet Singh and Major Ashish Dhonak, who were martyred in the encounter, were also part of this brave battalion.

Rashtriya Rifles is one of the bravest units of the Indian Army, it is most special because it is the only battalion of the army in which all the soldiers from Infantry, Artillery, Armed, Signal to Engineers come together for the same goal i.e. to fight terrorism. Work for eradication. This battalion, equipped with modern training and state-of-the-art weapons, has been given the responsibility of Operation Allout in Kashmir.

Was formed in 1990

Three decades ago, in 1990, the then Army Chief VN Sharma formed the Rashtriya Rifles. The first DP of this battalion was Lieutenant General PC Mankotiya. First of all, 6 battalions were formed, out of which 3 were given the responsibility of Punjab and three battalions were deployed in Kashmir. At present it has approximately 65 battalions. The special thing is that half of the soldiers in this unit are recruited from infantry, the remaining are recruited from other units. Their aim is to find the terrorists, make them surrender or kill them.

always ready

Rashtriya Rifles is responsible for eliminating terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, in such a situation they have to be ready every moment, after receiving the information, they get ready within minutes and go to the designated place, they have only a short time to plan the operation. Are. Recently, in an interview given to a TV channel, a Rashtriya Rifles soldier had said that after getting information about terrorists anywhere, they have to leave within 10 to 15 minutes. In this, they are given two minutes to be ready, in the remaining time they are used to plan the operation and work till leaving in the car.

Training is given in a special way

This unit of India is responsible for the elimination of terrorists and the security of the common people in Kashmir, in such a situation they are given special training. Every aspect is taken special care of in its training. They are taught that if any stray youth is supporting the terrorists during the operation, then they should get him to surrender. This is included in their protocol.

Equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment

Rashtriya Rifles soldiers are equipped with modern weapons and equipment, they have LMG, 40 mm MGL i.e. Multi Grenade Launcher, AK 47, the contingent going on operation has to keep first aid kit, drone, air mode cordon light with them. Apart from this, the surveillance team runs Tambo site which creates thermal images, with its help every activity of the terrorist is monitored, it can also make videos and click photos.

There is danger to life every moment

After receiving information about the operation, Rashtriya Rifles soldiers have to conduct search operations to locate the terrorists. If it is an urban area, it is not clear in which house the terrorists are hiding or from where they are firing, in the forests only this happens. Situations happen, in a TV interview a soldier told that the person who lights the air cordon light is in the most danger, in most of the operations the person who lights the light gets the first bullet, in such a situation now the soldiers keep the light away and come back and switch it on. Burn, so that the danger is less. After killing the terrorists, they identify them.

Have to take no claim certificate

In Kashmir, most of the terrorists take shelter in houses, after the operation the Rashtriya Rifles soldiers also have to take a no claim certificate from the owner of the house. This is done so that there is no damage or theft in the house where the terrorists were killed.

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