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Friday, September 8, 2023

99 percent of the population is Muslim, yet why are there attacks on women wearing hijab in this country?

Türkiye is a country with a Muslim population. It was from here that the Ottoman Empire started, which is also known as the Islamic rule. After 1925, the exercise to secularize Turkey started, but Erdogan wanted to re-implement the Ottoman Empire. Now when Hijabi women are being attacked, he himself has come out against it. Read, why are Hijabi women attacked?

The controversy over wearing the hijab is not just an issue of India. Harassment of hijabi women does not happen only in India. The issue of banning hijab does not arise only in India. Türkiye is a country in the Middle East. 99 percent of the population is Muslim. Despite this, people face problems when women wear hijab. Hijabi women are attacked and harassed.

A video is viral on social media, in which it can be seen that a woman is saying obscene things to a hijabi woman. She can be heard saying, 'We don't want to see covered people. You can't cover yourself.' This is not the first case when women have been targeted in this way in Turkey. Every day, from metro to market, hijabi women become the target of so-called secular mob. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, one of the biggest opponents of hijab herself, has criticized the recent incidents. Well, let us understand why hijabi women are attacked in Turkey?

Why are hijabi women being attacked in Türkiye?

The controversy over hijab in Türkiye is not new. Here women could not go to work wearing hijab. Hijab was banned even in schools, colleges and universities. However, in 2008, relief was given to the students. Still, it was banned for women to go to work wearing hijab. Opposition parties were continuously demanding removal of this ban. Turkish politics generally revolves around secularism versus religion.

Keeping in mind the agenda of the opposition party and the elections, Erdogan gave women the freedom to wear hijab. The opposition also welcomed it. This is the reason why President Erdogan criticized the recent incidents. Said that “harassment” of people is increasing in shops, buses and other public places. Some people who are Syrian are harassed for wearing hijab. We cannot accept this. We cannot accept this in Türkiye. Action will be taken against such attackers.

Political stunt of Erdogan to remove hijab ban

Syrian refugees in Turkey generally observe religious clothing. Erdogan's policy decision is also a reason for this. There are 37 lakh refugees here, which is a big vote bank for Erdogan. During the election, he lifted hijab bans to appease the opposition, destroying their agenda to expel Syrian refugees. Because of wearing hijab, not only Syrian women become targets of mobs, but Turkish women also have to face harassment.

How did the controversy over hijab start in Türkiye?

The controversy over the hijab in Turkey began when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Modern Turkey, implemented a dress code for working people. He advocated keeping religious clothes away from civil service. Like Pandit Nehru, Mustafa Kamal of Turkey traveled across the country with the view of making the country modern. met people. People were told about the new policy and since then till 1970 it was implemented as a rule. Later, after the military coup in 1980, these rules were further tightened. Even in the university, students were banned from wearing hijab.

Now Türkiye will become Islamic Emirates?

Now when it was Erdogan's turn, he talked about taking Turkey back to the Ottoman era. Talked about making the country an Islamic Emirates. Erdogan is called a staunch leader. However, the ban on hijab was in place until 2022, when Erdogan lifted the ban before the elections. Now after the ban is lifted, women will be able to follow Islamic dress completely. Students will be able to go to college-university by wearing hijab and working women will be able to come to office with hijab. Now it will not be surprising if Turkey emerges as an Islamic emirate in the future.

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