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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

25 people got jobs every minute in the last four years, revealed here

According to the report of SBI Research, more than 5.20 crore people have got jobs in the country in the last four years. This data has emerged by analyzing the data of EPFO ​​and NPS..

In the last four years, 25 people have got jobs every minute. Yes, shocking figures have been released by SBI Research. According to the new research report of SBI, it has analyzed EPFO ​​payroll data in the last four years. According to the report of SBI Research, in the last four years, according to the data of EPFO ​​and NPS, more than 5.2 crore jobs have been created in the country. Of which more than 47 percent are those who have started a job for the first time. This data has come at a time when the opposition in the country is busy making unemployment an issue. Let us also tell you what kind of report has been presented by SBI Research.

Record number of people can get jobs

SBI Research report has revealed that the number of net new EPF customers during FY 2020 to FY 2023 was 4.86 crore. According to the research report, EPFO ​​payroll data in the first quarter of the current financial year is quite encouraging. There has already been an increase of 44 lakh net new EPF customers in the first quarter. Out of which the first payroll was Rs 19.2 lakh. If this trend continues throughout the financial year, then in FY 2024, the net new payroll will cross the Rs 1.60 crore mark (highest ever), with the first payroll being in the range of Rs 70-80 lakh. Which will be the highest in history so far.

NPS data

NPS data shows that 8.24 lakh new customers were added in the financial year 2023. Of which 4.64 lakh are state government pensioners, followed by 2.30 lakh non-government and 1.29 central government pensioners. In the last 4 years, about 31 lakh new subscribers joined NPS. This means that from FY 2020 to FY 2023, EPFO ​​and NPS have generated a total of more than 5.2 crore payrolls.

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