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Monday, August 21, 2023

Why Sunny Deol's bungalow will not be auctioned? Bank told the reason

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol's bungalow will no longer be auctioned. The bank has given the latest update on its behalf and has told why the notice was withdrawn in which Sunny Deol's bungalow was said to be auctioned.

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol's film Gadar 2 is getting good response at the box office. The actors are also very happy on this occasion. He is getting congratulations from all sides. But in the meantime, he remained in headlines for his personal life as well. He got a notice from Bank of Baroda and his bungalow was about to be auctioned. But recently this notice was withdrawn. Since then people were talking about different things on social media. Now Bank of Baroda has given its clearance on this and has told why they have withdrawn this notice.

Sunny Deol's bungalow will no longer be auctioned. The actor and his fans have heaved a sigh of relief from this news. Amidst the success of Gadar 2, this notice came as a disturbance, but the bank withdrew this notice in no time. Disclosing the reason behind this, the bank said that due to technical reasons the bungalow will no longer be auctioned. This is a normal practice which has been seen in other cases as well.

It was told from the side of the bank that on the 20th, Sunny Deol had approached the bank to clear the dues on his behalf. Apart from this, there were other reasons due to which the notice was withdrawn. Please tell that Sunny Deol had taken a loan of 56 crores from the bank, which he could not repay. In such a situation, the bank had issued a notice and Sunny's bungalow was scheduled to be auctioned on 25 September. But on Monday, a new update came on this decision and brought relief news for Sunny. Now Sunny Deol has approached the bank to settle the outstanding amount.

Talking about Sunny Deol, Gadar 2 film has breathed new life into his career. Please tell that it has been 10 days since the release of the film and in 10 days the film has earned 375 crores worldwide. This collection of his film is strong. Gadar 2 is breaking many records one after the other. The second week collection of the film has been even better. In this, Sunny was seen romancing with Ameesha Patel after 22 years. Fans are very fond of this film.

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