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Sunday, August 27, 2023

WhatsApp Message: Will the government monitor phone calls and social media? Government agency replied

WhatsApp Viral Message: It was claimed on WhatsApp that the government would monitor people's phone calls and social media accounts. Now the government agency PIB Fact Check has given its answer on this claim. Let us see the truth of this claim.

A message is going viral on social media, in which it is being claimed that the government will monitor people's phone calls. In the message going viral on WhatsApp, it was claimed that new communication rules will be applicable. Under this, all calls will be recorded and all social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter will be monitored. The fact-checking team of government media agency Press Information Bureau (PIB) has debunked all such claims.

PIB Fact Check constantly monitors fake and false claims on social media. In the latest case, phone calls and social media monitoring messages by the government are becoming very viral on WhatsApp . Now PIB Fact Check has exposed this claim on the microblogging platform X (Twitter). Let's see what the government agency replied.

PIB Fact Check: Fake message going viral

As per the post by the handle @PIBFactCheck, this claim is false. The fact check team of PIB said that the Government of India has not implemented any rules for any such process. The government agency said that it is a fake WhatsApp message which is being forwarded on social media platforms. PIB Fact Check said not to share any fake or incorrect information.

What is written in the fake message?

According to fake messages on the instant messaging platform owned by Meta, the government is bringing new rules to monitor all social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. These will be implemented from tomorrow. In this message, it was told in many points that how and what things the government will monitor.

Warning against sending wrong messages

Apart from this, it was also claimed in the viral message that the device has been linked to the system of the government ministry. In this, people have been warned not to share any wrong message, video etc. regarding the current politics, government or Prime Minister.

The biggest claim made in the message was that messaging on political and religious issues is a crime. However, PIB Fact Check has rejected all these claims outright. Apart from this, it is also forbidden to share fake news or wrong information.

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