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Sunday, August 27, 2023

What should be the diet of women during IVF treatment? learn from expert

IVF Treatment: What kind of diet should be followed during IVF treatment, are you also confused about this? Let us know from the experts here what should be eaten and what should not be eaten.

During pregnancy, women need to take special care of their health. Now whether it is IVF pregnancy or pregnancy naturally. However, to make IVF treatment successful, many things need to be taken care of, from lifestyle to diet. The nutrients present in the food help in keeping both the child and the mother healthy. Many women are confused about what kind of diet they should take during IVF treatment.

In such a situation, you can remove this confusion from here also. On this we spoke to Dr. Chanchal Sharma, Gynecologist at Asha Ayurveda. What should be eaten and what should not be eaten during this treatment, let's know everything from Dr. Chanchal Sharma.

green vegetables

Green vegetables include many vegetables like spinach, broccoli and bottle gourd. You can also prepare smoothies from every leafy vegetable. This is very healthy. It contains antioxidant properties and nutrients like folic acid. Include fresh green vegetables in curries or soups daily. It keeps you energetic.

seasonal fruit

You can also eat seasonal fruits during this treatment. These fruits are rich in many nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. You can also include these fruits in your diet like juice or salad. These seasonal fruits are very tasty.

high protein diet

Include such things in the diet which are high protein. It also includes almonds and eggs. Boiled eggs can be eaten as a snack. Soaked almonds can be eaten. They are also very good for brain health. Try to avoid eating raw eggs. Salmonella bacteria present in it can cause food poisoning.

salmon fish

If you like to eat non-veg, then you can eat salmon fish. Cook this fish and eat it. It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. It also improves blood circulation.

Avoid eating these things

Avoid eating sugary foods during IVF treatment. Eating sea foods should also be avoided. This can harm the health. Apart from this, taking junk foods and alcohol should also be avoided. Always choose such food options which you can easily digest. Take balance diet.

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