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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

'We had no option but to perform well', why did Rani Mukerji say this?

Rani Mukerji News: Rani Mukerji talks about the difference between the old and today's generation. He said that we had no option but to perform well.

Rani Mukerji News: Actress Rani Mukerji was last seen in the film Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway. He was appreciated a lot for this film. Fans liked Rani's acting. Rani Mukherjee also impressed the actress with her lip syncing performance in Bollywood and other languages ​​films. In a recent interview, he told about his lip syncing skills, and also told about the difference between current and old generation actors.

Rani Mukherjee said this about lip syncing

In an interview given to Film Companion, Rani said, 'Lip syncing has never been challenging for her. Now play the song, now I do lip syncing. Music should be on and I can do lip syncing even if I am sleeping.

Apart from this, while talking about today's and old generation, Rani said, 'I feel that my generation and the actors before my generation did not have options. We were not spoiled. Have to do it brother. We had to support our family. We have to do well. We had no option but to perform well. We don't have any other option. We have to give our best, work hard. It was not that we could get a second chance. At that time our fans forgave us a lot.

Rani further said, 'I now know why the fans don't forgive now, because they think that if everything is there then do hard work now. At that time he knew that we were working hard, that is why he used to forgive.

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